Preacher Season 2 Officially Begins Production With A Gory BTS Image


The first season of AMC’s small screen adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial comic series, Preacher, only loosely adapted the source material over the majority of its 10 episode run. However, as we approached the season finale we began to see some of the more familiar groundwork being laid, and the last hour culminated with our trio of antiheroes hitting the road with the biblical menace of the Saint of Killers hot on their trail.

This is (pretty much) how the first comic arc kicks off, so fans will be hoping season 2 of the TV series gets right into the anarchic, grisly action displayed in Dillon’s unmistakable art – and if this first behind-the-scenes image from star Dominic Cooper is any indication, they’ll be in for a treat:

Yes, that does appear to be someone’s intestines strewn over the road, right at the feet of (presumably) the good Reverend Jesse Custer.  It’s not clear who the guts belong to, but to be perfectly honest, there are a number of possibilities, as Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip do not hold back from taking out anyone that gets in their way once they realize they’re being hunted by an unstoppable, long-dead cowboy.

Preacher season 2 doesn’t have a set premiere date just yet, but we do know that we’ll be getting 13 episodes instead of 10 this time around, and all of the principal cast members (well, excluding the ones that met a fiery end in the closing moments of the season 1 finale) are expected to return. Plus, our trio will also have a new villain to contend with in the form of the unscrupulous Herr Starr.

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