Preacher Season Finale Promo Promises Some Serious Hell To Pay


The first season of AMC’s controversial take on the even more controversial DC Vertigo comic series, Preacher, is almost at an end, and the events of last night’s gruesome penultimate episode have moved all of the pieces into place for a carnage-filled finale.

Fans have been wondering when the (un)holy trinity of Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy were finally going to team up and take to the road, and thanks to the extended SDCC trailer, we do know that’s going to happen – but from the looks of things, they’re going to have a very large, very mean, and very dead cowboy blocking their path.

Yes, last night The Saint of Killers entered the fray when we discovered all those flashbacks we’ve been seeing were actually part of the personal Hell he’s been living through over-and-over again in the underworld. Poor DeBlanc found out the hard way that The Saint is not to be trifled with (do angels respawn in Hell?), but will the vengeful entity be able to resist the all-powerful word of the good Reverend Custer?

Tune in next Sunday for what promises to be bloody/bloody great season 1 finale of Preacher.