Preacher’s Joe Gilgun On What We Can Expect From Season 2

The season 1 finale of AMC’s Preacher airs this Sunday on AMC, and to borrow the title of one of the collected volumes of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic series, all Hell’s a-coming.

Though this last episode will most likely begin to converge with the comics, the show has been criticized for only very loosely adapting the source material. That said, one character seems to have won over even the hardcore Ennis faithful: Cassidy the vampire.

During a recent interview with Empire, British actor (yes, that is a very impressive Irish accent) Joe Gilgun expressed his love for the show, and explained why he feels it was necessary for some liberties to be taken with the story.

I fucking loved it, man. I really, really loved Preacher. I can’t wait to go back. It’s one of the best times I’ve had filming. I think for the first series, we’ve had to keep it stationary, so people can invest in the characters. We needed to cater for those who haven’t read the comics. We’ve all been finding our feet in this initial series, man.

Gilgun also confirms that the second season will be much more in keeping with the first volume of the comic series, “Gone to Texas.”

In the comics, which I think they’re trying to stick to, the trio [Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy] sort of fuck off on this quest for God. It’s kind of an adventure where all three of them try to find out who they are and what it’s all about. Which is the eternal question for everybody, I guess. fuck it sounds corny, doesn’t it?

Satisfied? Or do you think the show should have done this sooner? Tune in this Sunday for what promises to be bloody/bloody great season 1 finale of Preacher.