Prepare For Next Week’s Game Of Thrones Episode With Enticing Preview


North American fans may still be reeling from last night’s “Blood of My Blood,” but HBO is pulling no punches in its Game of Thrones marketing campaign.

In anticipation of “The Broken Man” hitting the small-screen on Sunday, June 5, a new season 6 promo has marched online, and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t press play unless you’re fully up to date with all the happenings of Westeros and its power-mongering dynasties.

As for the generally vague – and thankfully spoiler-free – synopsis, HBO teases that episode 6.07 will involve the High Sparrow “eyeing another target,” Jamie Lannister “confronting a hero” and Arya, housed up in the bowels of Braavos, hatching a plan. But is it one that involves the Many-Faced God?

Perhaps the most intriguing nugget of information included in the network’s official snippet for “The Broken Man” is “the North is reminded.” Reminded of what, exactly? Well, it could involve the White Walkers staging an assault or, in the more likely scenario, Jon Snow rallying the scattered houses in a bid to overthrow the Boltons and reclaim Winterfell. The North remembers, after all.

Game of Thrones continues on Sunday, June 5 with the premiere of “The Broken Man.” If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of last night’s “Blood of My Blood,” check out the recap below which, of course, is riddled with spoilers.

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