Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off In The Works



Great news for Pretty Little Liars fans! Not only did ABC Family confirm that the hit teen drama has been renewed for a fifth season, but they also revealed plans to unveil a spin-off series – Ravenswood – this fall.

Even though the fourth season of PLL doesn’t start until the summer, the renewal doesn’t come as a huge shock considering the escalating ratings. The show secured the #1 spot among young women on Tuesday night for 10 weeks in a row during this last round of airtime.

As for the spin-off, Ravenswood is scheduled to premiere in October following the third annual Halloween episode of PLL. The network gave Ravenswood a straight to series order hoping to capitalize on the success of Pretty Little Liars, which has amassed an extremely active social fanbase. Its recent season 3 finale has been dubbed the ‘Most Social’ series episode ever by SocialGuide.

The new show will center around the town of Ravenswood, Pennsylvania (conveniently located near the PLL epicenter of Rosewood). The town has been under the influence of a deadly curse for several generations and now five strangers suddenly find themselves caught up in it. It sounds kind of like Pretty Little Liars meets The Secret Circle meets Beautiful Creatures if you ask me.

There’s been no word on any crossover between the two shows yet, but I’m crossing my fingers. It would be great to see the Liars step outside of their claustrophobic “A” box and get involved with another mystery – even if just for an episode here and there.

Are you looking forward to Ravenswood or is PLL enough mystery for you? Let us know!

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars will air on ABC Family starting June 11th.

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