Psychologist Warns Against Letting Kids Watch Squid Game

Netflix’s Squid Game is the runaway success that has proven to be the streaming platform’s biggest series launch ever. And the show has now become a part of the cultural moment, nabbing representation in things like TikTok trends, Halloween costumes, Lego homages, labor demonstrations and even cryptocurrency.

However, the show’s ubiquity comes with a dark side as reports have come in that children have been replicating the mature-rated show’s violent games, leading village councils and schools in the U.K. to warn parents against letting their kids watch the series.

Now a new report is coming in saying that a psychologist agrees the warning is warranted.

Squid Game is the South Korean drama that centers around financially destitute people being recruited by a macabre organization into a shadowy competition. The contestants are recruited via a children’s game called ddjaki, which resembles the American Pog game, but with folded paper. If the recruit loses at the game against a mysterious salesman, they get a slap. But if they win, they get a sum of 100,000 won (the equivalent of about $85 U.S. dollars).

After taking many slaps, but ultimately winning at a round, contestants can eventually move on to the official competition held on a secluded island in which the winner is promised $38 million for defeating the other 456 people in a series of other children’s games. But the catch is if they lose, they die.

Dr. Robin Gurwitch from Duke University Medical Center, a psychologist, is now advising parents against letting children watch the show in a new interview with People.

“This is not something young children should be watching. There’s nothing redeeming or positive here for children,” she said.

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