The Punisher EP Wants To Make A Blade TV Show Next


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has treated us well, with so many fan favorite characters making it onto the screen over the years either via the movies or the TV shows. However, one of the most conspicuous by their absence is Blade, the uber-cool vampire hunter most known for the trilogy of films from the late 90s/early 00s starring Wesley Snipes.

Marvel president Kevin Feige has been asked about the chances of Blade arriving in the MCU many times and, though he’s never ruled it out, nothing seems to be happening on that front yet. Perhaps it’s because the Daywalker’s too dark a character to work on the big screen. Maybe he needs a gritty TV series, in the vein of say – oh, I don’t know – The Punisher.

And wouldn’t you know it, The Punisher showrunner Steve Lightfoot has named Blade as the one other comic book property that he’d love to tackle after already helming the Netflix series featuring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. Lightfoot told Heroic Hollywood that he’s been a longtime fan of the anti-hero and would love to bring his passion for horror to the project.

“I have no idea who owns it, but I’ve always loved the Blade character. I think that would be a great one to come back with. I thought those movies were great and I love that mythology. I’m a big horror fan, and as a fan of that it would be a fun one to play around with.”

In a first for the MCU, which usually just restarts a character from scratch, there’s been persistent talk of a new Blade following on from the old movies and bringing back Snipes. In fact, the star himself has been teasing this for ages now, with rumors pointing to him developing a project about Blade training up his daughter as a vampire killer.

Again, though, nothing concrete has materialized just yet. As the MCU continues to expand though, we’re hopeful that Blade will return at some point in the future.