The Punisher’s First MCU Appearance May’ve Been Revealed

The Punisher

Scores of Marvel fans were hoping they hadn’t seen the last of Jon Bernthal’s Punisher following his outings in the comic book giant’s Netflix shows and thankfully, based on recent reports, it seems that it’s a case of when, rather than if, he’ll return to the role. In fact, we’ve just gotten wind of where he might show up next.

According to our sources – the same ones who told us that Disney were developing live-action remakes of their animated classics Bambi and Robin Hood well before either was officially announced, and that a She-Hulk show is in the works for Disney Plus – the trigger-happy anti-hero will make his MCU debut in the upcoming Moon Knight TV series.

Though it would likely only be a small cameo, this seems like as good a place as any for Frank Castle to join the fray. After all, the Punisher and Moon Knight have much in common as two of the Marvel Comics universe’s most prominent vigilantes and, as the fans will know, they’ve teamed up in several memorable storylines and even come to blows on occasion.

The bad news for Punisher fans, though, is that we might not get to see Bernthal return to the role until at least 2022, as that’s when Moon Knight is set to arrive on Disney+. Additionally, we’re told that while the hope and expectation is to have him return, and it seems more than likely that he will, nothing’s been finalized just yet as talks are currently on hold due to the current pandemic.

As for Moon Knight itself, little is known about it apart from the show’s tentative release date, with Marvel said to still be searching for an actor to play protagonist Marc Spector. Everyone from Daniel Radcliffe to Rami Malek have been linked to the part, but more recent reports suggest that they’re now seeking a “Zac Efron-type” to head up the series.

Leaked plot details for Moon Knight suggest it’ll be tonally similar to shows like Westworld and Mr. Robot, play out across two timelines and take a deep dive into Spector’s fractured psyche. Sounds like it could be a unique addition to the MCU then, and the inclusion of the Punisher just might make it a fan-favorite among the franchise’s Disney+ line-up.