Bohemian Rhapsody’s Rami Malek Reportedly Being Eyed For Moon Knight

Moon Knight

After years of fans calling for the anti-hero to be brought into the MCU, Moon Knight is finally about to get his live-action debut in his own upcoming TV series. The show, which is set to arrive on Disney Plus in a few years, was announced at D23 this past August. Only the series logo was revealed though so we don’t yet know who’ll be playing Marc Spector in the project. But several names have come our way already.

A new 4Chan “leak” (via Cosmic Book News) has surfaced online, claiming to unveil some details about the Moon Knight series. First of all, it offers a list of actors who Marvel is apparently considering to portray the lead. These include Garrett Hedlund, Justin Theroux, Michael Ealy, Shia LaBeouf and Rami Malek. The range on display here suggests Marvel is open to different interpretations of the character.

Malek, in particular, would be an interesting choice, as the Mr. Robot actor’s star is on the rise right now. Fresh off winning his first Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, he’ll be 007’s latest antagonist in upcoming James Bond flick No Time To Die. Malek’s Egyptian heritage is of note, too, as Spector is imbued with powers by the Egyptian God Khonshu in the comics, though he’s not typically presented as being of Egyptian descent himself.

The leak claims that Moon Knight will stay close to the darker tones of the source material as well, despite its home on the family-friendly Disney Plus. We can allegedly expect an exploration of mental health issues and wealth disparity, with Spector said to be a genuinely flawed hero. In the first episode, he may even throw a man off a skyscraper to his death. If this is all true, it sounds like MK could be just what fans missing the Marvel-Netflix shows are looking for.

But given that this comes from 4Chan, it’s best to take the intel with a pinch of salt. Assuming it’s true, though, tell us, would you like see Rami Malek or any of these other actors play Moon Knight? Join the conversation in the usual place below.