Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

16. Holly

Sure, they may not have been anything all that special about Holly, and we don’t really get to see much of her, but she was pretty, caring, and they slept together, so points right there. The only downside to her was she reminded him of Robin since her ex-fiancee Wayne had no manners. There are far worse memories that a girl could conjure up than a detour through Batman lore.

15. Carly

himym fg 814sc06 carly ted0111 How I Met Your Mother Review: Ring Up! (Season 8, Episode 14)

There’s no denying the fact that Carly gets a major bump on the list for the fact that she’s Barney’s sister. Well, Barney’s half-sister, but still. She was also pretty dang cute. She’s got tons of spunk and obviously brought the youthful vibe Ted needed at the time. Then again, she insisted on roller-skating and had only seen the Star Wars prequels…

14. Natalia


This was hardly even a date for Ted, as he left the dinner before he even ordered food, but he definitely should have stuck around for this one. She’s a world-class violinist, a gourmet cook, and can quote every line from Caddyshack. What more could Ted possibly ask for?

13. Marybeth


The jury is still out on whether Marybeth was actually flirting with Ted, or whether she was just too friendly with everyone, but come on, when are hugs a bad thing? She also was willing to leave the limo amicably when she realized that Ted was in love with Robin, a mature and classy thing to do. It’s a shame that we never got to see much more about her.

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