Read The Despicable Letter Ramsay Sent To Jon On Game Of Thrones This Week

During the first few seasons of Game of Thrones, Joffrey Baratheon was pretty much the living embodiment of evil for most fans – but Ramsay Bolton makes the late King of Westeros look like a pinch-headed teddy bear.

On this Sunday’s episode, “The Book of the Stranger,” the newly anointed Warden of The North upped his already considerable body count by murdering fan-favorite character Osha… and that was just the beginning of Ramsay’s vile behavior during this installment.


While Jon, Sansa and the others were eating at Castle Black, a letter arrived from Winterfell. Seemingly in an attempt to provoke Snow into attacking with his depleted forces, Ramsay threatened to do all manner of horrendous things to Jon, his Wildling guests and most disgustingly of all, his sister and Ramsay’s “wife,” Sansa.

Most of the letter was read aloud by Jon, but just in case you missed any and need even more of an excuse to want Ramsay Bolton’s head on a pike, you can check it out in full below.