Get Ready For AMC’s Turn With This New Trailer



AMC is getting ready to release their new spy thriller, Turn, on April 6th. Starring Jamie Bell, the series is set during the American Revolutionary War and follows Abe Woodhull, “a farmer living in British-occupied Long Island who bands together with some childhood friends to form a secret spy team that attempts to feed information back to the American rebels fighting for their independence.”

Turn is a show that I’ve been intrigued by ever since AMC first revealed it. The network’s track record is exceptional, and Jamie Bell is certainly one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors. Those two factors alone should have you excited for this one. Of course, there’s also the fact that Turn looks to tell a story that many people probably aren’t too familiar with. I’m not usually a fan of period dramas, but I really like what I’m seeing from this one so far.

This week, AMC has released a new trailer for the show and while it’s only 30 seconds in length, it gives us a nice overview of the premise and a couple of action shots. It’s not much, but it definitely has me excited. I actually need a new show to watch now that True Detective is done and Turn looks like it could be the perfect replacement.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.

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