5 Reasons The Walking Dead Doesn’t Work As Well As It Could

Since the conclusion of Lost, it seemed like there was a void in popular culture of a TV show for people to rally around, to hold watching parties over, to discuss the next day, to pore over endlessly on the internet. Whether because of its comic book roots or its cable sensibilities regarding graphic violence, The Walking Dead has been the congregating point for perhaps the largest fan base surrounding a television show. And yet while many people enjoy the show to varying degrees, few would argue it is without fault. Some, like myself, despite watching the show week after week, conclude just about every episode with the vague wish that the show actually lived up to the potential dreamed of by its most pious fans and hinted at by its own greatest dramatic moments.

I’ve noticed a surprising number of people, those who insist that The Walking Dead is the best show on TV right now, also cite the first episode of the show as the greatest that’s been produced. Is this not a bit of a letdown? That the show may have peaked in its first episode and has never reached the heights of that initial premiere? I tend to agree with those that say the series opener, in fact the first few silent moments of the show’s entrance into the cable television pantheon, may have been its best. As fantastic as it can be at times, most people seem to agree that for all its awesomeness there’s still a lot of unfortunate fluff viewers have to endure to get to the good parts, as it were.

I think we are right to expect more from a show that people, including, presumably, its developers, want to be TV’s best. To be among the Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Wire echelon, The Walking Dead simply needs to be better. And it could be. I can’t say precisely what it should do, but I’ve identified a few areas that just seem really weak. Here are 5 things that prohibit The Walking Dead from being one of the best shows on television.

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  1. joesays:


  2. Rayonsays:

    Same as you, not read the comics. But I think it suffers from not having an overall story arc. Each week is just a small battle there is no bigger war being fought. No umbrella corporation that caused all the zombies (like resident evil), no new government with a master plan. This show could get cancelled tomorrow and there would be no uproar that it needed to be finished. Lost had that “we need to know the answer” about it, that was wha made you watch it as it went out, not on catch up(still the best measure of a truly great show IMO)

    1. lil rudemansays:

      I feel like you are on the right track actually. I couldn’t really point my finger on what was lacking with season 3, but you kind of did. Season 3 has an overall story arc, but the series no longer has an overall story arc. Once the business is done with the Governor then they’ll have to create a new storyline. I haven’t read the comics, but maybe it’s the same thing and Kirkman does a good job of creating new stories, like I said I don’t know. I think the reason why season 1 of this show is considered the best is because it did have a major story arc that set up the show perfectly for new seasons. It set up true questions of what was this world and what happened to it. Season 2 answered the biggest question from season 1 (what the scientist whispered to Rick) and now season 3 has answered the other big question from season 1 (what happened to Morgan), so a lot of mystery disappeared with those answers (I was glad to get answers though). I still think that season 3 is strong and they still have strong opportunities with the show, but it does suffer a little of not having a story arc that goes past the Governor at this point. I’ve heard only good things about the stories from the comics though and the show follows the major plotlines (from what I’ve heard), so I believe in the future of the show

    2. Dalinkwentsays:

      The comics were basically the same way. The beginning of the comics was simply about surviving, getting supplies, dealing with stranger’s and other danger’s that weren’t anticipated. The earlier comics also were mostly character driven which is what made them compelling. The Prison story was the first real “plot driven” section of the comics. Even now with the 108 issue they still haven’t explained what caused the Zombie outbreak or even to what extent the outbreak reached. The reason the show falter’s is because the character’s themselves sometimes fall flat or are plain frustrating.

    3. Eyepatchsays:

      Interesting points. What exactly is the infection? Will babies born already have it? Can it every be eradicated? Who’s researching it? And by the way, what happened to the old folks in Atlanta? Lots of stuff to explore.

  3. T-Dog is Theodore Douglas, if you weren’t so focused on the shortcomings of the show, maybe you would have caught that. What is the point of critiquing one of the highest rated shows on television?

    1. Змей Горыновичsays:

      > What is the point of critiquing one of the highest rated shows on television?

      The only reason its ratings are high is because it is being rated by morons like yourself.

      1. Jerkygregsays:

        Thats a bit mean, but the show I agree had promise but after the first season it became zombie Twilight in terms of all dialog and maybe 2 percent action (in total not just one episode). I love zombie shows/movies (fav monster, its the monster that keeps giving). But it really was the only thing keeping me having Digital tv. After this season’s finale I canceled it and haven’t been happier.

        The show just sucks, not enough action and too much melodrama and as I told my fiance’ one night her and I were watching it. It should be called the white man’s burden. I mean a season and half of TDogg having 4 lines total and most were three words like WTH and such. A lot of the reasons TWD does well as well isn’t the “idiots” voting good for it. Try There’s nothing else worth watching on a sunday night at 10pm. No competition at all, Noticed its not on a Friday night,Monday or god forbid Thursday night. It’d be cut if it was from that lineup.

      2. Gkingsays:

        I don’t understand this attitude that the show sucks because “there’s too much melodrama”. If the show doesn’t have drama it’s not worth watching. The catalyst for all these dynamic personalities coming together was the ZA but the ZA is not the show. Who want’s to watch an hour of non-stop zombie killing with no plot? Can you say BORING!!! Even the comics have drama. I will continue to be one of the “idiots” who watch and love the show for the time being.

      3. bigevilworldwidesays:

        Because there are actually morons who watch the show thinking it’s a zombie show…They don’t seem to grasp that The Walking Dead is referring to the survivors….It’s a show about how the survivors deal with life not about zombies

      4. MisterNegansays:

        Try reading the comics. It’s a story about a group of survivors that actually has a plot and is not simply a fucking soap opera with zombies in the background.

      5. trony go-fuck-yourselfsays:

        Yeeeaah I have a hard time believing 15 million people are just bored on Sunday night there Hasse, You people are just getting ticky tack with the show at this point, It may be slow at times but it’s the best thing on until Game Of Thrones is back.. lol

      6. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        Don’t watch it then asshole! White man’s burden my ass you idiot. Why do some stupid men just want violence and that’s it? You have to know the characters so you can root for people and care if they die. Idiot. Oh — and did you got through the season counting the 4 lines that T Dogg had fuckface? Why is Glenn in there as one of the main characters and now Tyreese? I don’t know how long Bob will last but you are as stupid as they come. Just change the fng channel.

      7. Terry Shannonsays:

        What an assclown comment. Do you even understand the concept of television ratings?

      8. MisterNegansays:

        ‘Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.’ -George Carlin

        Popularity proves nothing. Justin Bieber has sold more records than Led Zeppelin. That doesn’t make him a better artist than Jimmy Paige.

      9. Terry Shannonsays:

        “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” – Oscar Wilde
        My comment had nothing to do with appealing to popularity. I was pointing out that troll boy obviously didn’t understand the difference between entertainment rating sites like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic that rate based on opinions and actual American television rating which goes simply by market share, viewer numbers and demographics. Perhaps had he said “It’s highly rated because morons watch it”, I would have given him a pass (though it’s still an assclown statement) but not understanding how ratings work while still making an assclown comment earned my ire.

      10. Terry Shannonsays:

        Also, I wouldn’t go so far as to compare TWD to Justin Bieber. I’m not sure what your comparison of TV horror would be for Led Zeppelin. Perhaps The X-Files? In that case, I would say TWD would rate as KISS or Alice Cooper in comparison. Good presentation but a bit shallow in the end. Entertaining but could be better. Anything else is overstating your case.

      11. Trollkiller9001says:


      12. Michael Bradleysays:

        Ratings are high because people like it. We talk about it at work almost everyday.

    2. Keith Meyersays:

      Highest rated, as in critics rating the show? Not quite…and it has a measly 8.7 on IMDB…lets all face it folks The Walking Dead is a show that could/should be much better and cant be looked at as anymore then a mild dissapointment

      1. A.Moresays:

        Right, because 8.7 (out of 10) is such a failure…

      2. Keith Meyersays:

        Well when the Walking Dead is looked at as on par with other all time shows (Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos) 8.7 is a failure

      3. jamessays:

        I can tell you’re a Breaking Bad fan, however using IMDB ratings as your sole backing is flawed, as the system isn’t wholly accurate; for example Avatar the last airbender animated series is supposedly a 9.1 and the 11 best TV show of all time, yet Mad Men-a show you’ve all talked up as one of the greats has a “measly” 8.7 and is the 70th best show. So there are a lot of inconsistencies. The walking dead consistently breaks records. Instead let us use critics scores to base our evidence on as they supposedly aren’t “idiots” who just watch the show. Review aggregate r rotten tomatoes gives the 4 seasons of the walking dead based on critics reviews 96% 90% 97% and 93% compared to breaking bad of 79% 100% 100% 100% 100% and mad men: 87% 100% 96% 97% 97% 97% all very similar ratings from those who know what they are talking about. Yes the walking dead is flawed, and it handles some aspects of the comic worse others better, and yes it can’t be as graphic as its source but it is still a very good show which record numbers of people watch, and im sorry but there can’t be 15 million “idiots in america under 48 who watch this every week.

      4. Tron Legaceysays:

        Truth ^^^^

      5. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        The Sopranos could do whatever they wanted because they were on HBO. The Walking Dead is on AMC. I’m surprised at the stuff they are allowed to get away with!!

      6. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:


      7. Ka'uilani Kimsays:

        8.7 out of 10 is measly???

  4. Look, I’ve been a big fan of this show since day 1. Like a lot of people, I had never read the comics and didn’t even know there was one until I saw the show. Every week though, I wait in anticipation for the next episode to air and every Sunday I watch and I really enjoy it, but for some reason I always feel a little disappointed. After every episode I feel like there was so much more they could of accomplished. It just seems like they’re stretching these seasonal story arcs too thin, trying to make them last until the season final and it seems to put the show on a very slow pace.
    (Episode 13 Spoilers ahead!!)
    Take the Governor for instance. He has the potential to be the main villain for more than just season 3 (if written well enough), but you know they’re going to kill him off in the season finale. They really could be filling these episodes with great battles between his town and the prison, traps and obstacles being thrown at Ricks group by The Governor, anything that’s going to add more action (and if possible, more zombies). Instead we get a few short shoot outs and A LOT of talking. That’s all episode 13 was! There was a scene where a view zombies were killed, but other than that one scene it was 40 minutes of talking. I understand they’re trying to make it more drama oriented so more people will watch, but they’re hurting their core audience, the people who are responsible for getting them to this point. Every episode you get less and less zombies and even less zombie killing and more and more talking. In episode 13, instead of having Merle just talk about ambushing the meeting between Rick and The Governor, they should of made it happen. We all know war is coming either way, might as well make it exciting. That would lead to even more turmoil within the group, with some blaming the others for starting a war that they hoped could of been averted. I dunno, I’m just ranting and throwing out idea’s. Either way, I’ll keep watching eagerly, hoping the next episode will fulfill my high expectations.

    1. alltruthbrandonsays:

      u disturb me. U seem to love violence.

      1. meetad0220says:

        That seems like a pretty strong reaction to what she wrote. Some people enjoy watching/reading horror. It doesn’t mean they love violence. I’m a huge horror fan, but find true violence to be horrid, and totally agree with her post. Maybe you should be less judgmental, or at least keep it to yourself.

      2. Specterroroessays:

        Some of you people have serious problems. Please for everyones sake grow up and get jobs.

      3. JGAZMsays:


    2. Eyepatchsays:

      Word Misty, word!

    3. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

      Why don’t you just go buy or rent a bunch of snuff/rape films and watch them and get your fix? I’m sure you will be way more excited than watching The Walking Dead. Also, you say less zombies kill the core audience. That’s bullshit. The core audience are the people that care about the show and want to learn about the characters and feel something for them instead of just watching biting and killing over and over. Sooooooooooooooooo stupid. Too much talking. Change the channel bitch.

      1. JCorsays:

        Unfortunately the characters are shallow and terribly acted, the show is trash, deal with it. Oh lets run from zombies to a safe area, oh no someone died. It would be a bit more bearable if all the characters weren’t such a bore.

      2. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        Once again — change the channel bitch! No one’s forcing you to watch this. You complain when there’s too much violence then you cry when they work on character development. You sound like an extremely boring person.

      3. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        If they are boring to you, you must be some kind of lunatic, sociopath who needs death and excitement all the time. And you say that is trash? Look in the mirror buddy! 🙂

  5. The only reason some people think the first episode is the best is because it’s when the main character and the audience are introduced to the zombie outbrteak which is normally the highlight of any zombie media, also because of comic fanboyishness. Personally I think the first episode of the 2nd season is a contender for top spot, or any of the first 10 episodes of the 3rd season. to say it isn’t as good as it could be is doing it a disservice…. and to those who give out about the slow bits, it needs the slows bits to make the intense moments more significant

  6. Facepalmersays:

    Weak, phoned-in article. Reason 5 can be completely disregarded as you admit yourself that you haven’t bothered to read the comics despite them still being available. Basically this whole article is one long subjective whine.

    1. The Governorsays:

      I kind of agree, most of this article is moaning about characters which are all dead now anyway (oh yeah, spoilers).

      1. Terry Shannonsays:

        Agreed. Too much “I don’t know what is wrong but I know it’s wrong” from the author. If you can’t be more specific in your critique, don’t wastethe reader’s time.

      2. Dragonettasays:

        Why not? Are we not allowed to critique the show? We are watching it, obviously. Don’t we get a say or do we only get to say what you want to hear?

      3. Terry Shannonsays:

        Read my comment again. What is this “we” nonsense? My comment wasn’t for you, it was aimed at the author for the vagueness of the original article. How is this about you? Drama queen much?

      4. pe8er8says:

        I agree. This is just a quicky article thrown together to grab easy eyeballs. Don’t waste our time. . .

  7. Brainzsays:

    This movie is just 70% soap opera, 30% zombie show. For me complete crap

  8. moviemansays:

    Your just jealous cause they wouldn’t let u be a walker! So you thought “HEY’, I can bash them.” You really need to watch more tv to see whats bad out there.

  9. TheAntiHeroGamersays:

    Some of the points in the article are good, Andrea & Lori setting women on TV back is a valid statement. Carl I felt has become a character that both idolizes and fears his dad for what he’s capable of. You’re reason 5 IS pointless to include though, you should know that. Commenting on an element of the show you feel is lacking in which you have no knowledge of IS a bit bush, but this whole thing is an opinion anyways. Anyways, good points and bad points, fun read though:)

  10. Ronsays:

    How should Carl behave to be believable? I think he’s descent. Children, generally, are shitty actors.

    1. Paulosays:

      I suggest you watch Beasts of the Southern Wild.

  11. skunkybeaumontsays:

    These complaints had valid titles but horribly vague exposition. I agree that the supporting characters are unbalanced and I agree that the departure from the comics can be annoying, but you wrote an article, explain something further than names and suggestions.

  12. steve csays:

    The story arc is survival. Do these characters survive or do they all die. That’s reason enough to watch.

  13. Whatastupidarticlesays:

    What a stupid article, particularly reason #5. You critique the show for straying too far from the source material (the comics), yet you have NOT even read the comics? How does that make sense. Your opinion is completely irrelevant, as you yourself said you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. How can you possibly formulate an opinion based upon a topic with which you haven’t the slightest clue? That’s the equivalent to me writing a book review on a book I’ve never read before. “We’ll… from what I heard this book sucks, and even though I haven’t actually read it, I’m still going to write a shitty article about it”.

  14. Whatastupidarticlesays:

    Please keep in mind that I have no issue with your opinions pertaining to the show itself, as they’re your opinions and I respect that. However, it’s the fact that you’re criticizing something with which you have no idea what you’re talking about that I find ridiculous. And the fact that you pull the race card… Please.

  15. O.G. - TWDsays:

    OK here’s my take on things AND I HAVE READ EVERY SINGLE OF THE COMIC BOOKS:

    this should could be better. I’m probably one of the top 100 fanboys of twd and the show does NOT deliver. There are some excellent scenes or even whole episodes, but they’re few and far between. Comic books, however, deliver. Big time.

    Rick is even more of a bad ass in the comics, since he had his HAND SEVERED by the Governor. He had a reason to hate him. Whole camp did. The Governor brutally RAPED Michonne, and not some silly “take off your shirt and bend over but I won’t rape you” stunt <- what the hell was that?

    Anyways, comics are more daring, the story is more interesting and fast paced, everything makes more sense than TV show, but hey, this is what he get. It's not perfect, but it is arguably one of the best tv shows right now.

    The author of this article is ignorant and his #5 point is silly. I laughed, really hard. "I haven't read the comics but it is on the "5 reasons why TWD doesn't work" list", really? C'mon son. Read it.

    1. Elliotsays:

      I agree with you there.

    2. Dragonettasays:

      So, basically you’re disappointed because you didn’t get to see a brutal ten-minute rape scene. But they don’t show stuff like that on TV, dude, so go rent “I Spit on Your Grave” or some other rape fest. That ought to satisfy your taste for rape scenes. This is TELEVISION. Unfortunately for you, there must be dialogue in-between the killing and almost-raping scenes, so a TV show where people just get raped and/or killed every five minutes wouldn’t last long on TV. Parents and teens watch this show. Maybe they shouldn’t, but they do. I know that you don’t care about that, but there it is in a nutshell. Families watch this show, so I believe it’s in THEIR best interests to NOT broadcast a TV series on the air that would teach them that the only way to resolve the differences between yourself and others is to either rape or kill them. If you must have your sex and violence in large amounts, you’re watching the wrong thing. That’s what porn and video games are for. Mindless sex and violence for the masses.

      1. John Clearysays:


      2. ja zimsays:


      3. Dragonettasays:

        I’ve got issues because I don’t enjoy rape scenes? I think you’ve got that backwards, sicko. All these thumbs downs because I spoke out against rape says more about the world we live in than anything I’ve said.

      4. FiachSidhesays:

        Dragonetta, I’ve yet to see a single argument from you that wasn’t a lazy, ridiculous strawman fallacy.

        “Are we not allowed to critique the show?”
        In regards to bad quality criticism, that isn’t even yours.

        “So, basically you’re disappointed because you didn’t get to see a brutal ten-minute rape scene”
        “I’ve got issues because I don’t enjoy rape scenes?”

        In regards to a single example. I love how you drove the entire argument toward the irrelevance of your moral high ground. Instead of analyzing why a scene would be appropriate.
        No one is arguing why it wasn’t included, we all know why. That’s not the point.

      5. Rogohmy81says:

        haha, you are such a hero. way to come out against comic book rape scenes!

      6. Brandonsays:

        Ok, first off, “you’re watching the wrong thing” when it comes to large amounts of violence? Yeesh, what show are YOU watching?

        Second, he was writing in reference to the Governor’s watered down character on the show vs the comic. In the comic, he was EVIL, and this horrendous act (raping Michonne) and cutting off Rick’s hand showed how bad he truly was. The character on the show is really not much worse than Rick. They’ve both killed people, done questionable things, but both do so for the “betterment” of their communities. Honestly, TV Governor wasn’t that bad…

      7. Dragonettasays:

        You aren’t pointing out the flaws in my logic, you are criticizing The Walking Dead for not being violent enough. lol

      8. FiachSidhesays:

        God you are dumb.

      9. Dragonettasays:

        Please go fuck yourself. Enjoy your rape scenes, trolls. I’m out. I have better things to do with my time than waste time talking to assholes.

      10. Rogohmy81says:

        losing the argument….so you check out. good move.

      11. Tom Whaleysays:

        You’re completely missing the point. The rape scenes in the comics don’t exist for enjoyment. They’re some of the most brutal moments, if not THE most brutal moment, in the entire series… but it serves as character development to The Governor, and incentive for Michonne to seek her revenge on him. After seeing scenes like that, we know that The Governor is a piece of shit, and deserves what’s coming to him. But in the show, that element is missing. He doesn’t cut off Rick’s arm. He doesn’t tie up Michonne and rape her. He doesn’t even drop the “Well stranger, we feed them strangers” line to them before threatening to feed them to the Walkers. Nobody WANTS to see these rape scenes, but it is a crucial element to the story arc that went missing in the show and was half-ass replaced by having him make Maggie take her shirt off… Sure, they could’ve replaced the rape scenes with something else, but they didn’t. It’s poor writing. The television Michonne has NO incentive to execute The Governor’s daughter in front of him and destroy him. When she goes to The Governor’s apartment in the comic, it’s a satisfying confrontation because she is able to avenge herself. We root for her. In the show, we have to still try and figure out why she’s even there…

      12. ertsays:

        Er.. i think he tortured her if i recall it well. Not so rage generating as rape, but i would be pretty pissed off too.

      13. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        You must not have paid attention when you watched. He did something horrible to everyone behind their back and then smiled and acted lovingly. Plus can you please remember that this is on AMC? How much raping are they allowed to show? Sick machostic dumbfucks.

      14. Tom Whaleysays:

        I said “they could’ve replaced the rape scenes with something else, but they didn’t.” Nobody is supporting RAPE here, but the act of it was a crucial part in the relationship between Michonne and The Governor, and they didn’t replace that element (No shit they can’t do that on AMC. They would probably struggle with it anywhere) with anything of even the similar magnitude. What did The Governor do to Michonne? Steal her friend’s trust? Like you brought up, everything malicious he did to our characters, he did behind their backs. So how would they know he was a villain? Michonne acted on a hunch? That’s so weak. Michonne had very little motivation to go into his apartment, kill his (albeit, already dead) daughter, and assault him. However, in the comics, it was one of the most satisfying and rewarding scenes… to see her exact her revenge on the monster that did that to her. You guys are all missing the point, and just replacing it with the anti-rape talking point that everybody here supports anyways. I wouldn’t want to watch a rape scene, because I’m not a “sick machostic dumbfuck” but there should’ve been SOMETHING between Michonne and The Governor that made that fight scene necessary. But there wasn’t… and that’s poor writing.

      15. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        You must be really hard to please. She had many reasons not to like the Governor. Of course, rape would be the worst but she took her BFF and brainwashed her among other things. Michonne was right in the end. He was one evil sicko and I’m glad she stabbed him in the eye even though I still think he’s sexy. :*

      16. Tom Whaleysays:

        Sure, she was right in the end… but she assaulted the guy on a hunch. Hardly a good reason. And “brainwashed” is a strong term considering that them stumbling upon Woodbury was the only thing that saved Andrea, and it beats walking sick and aimlessly in the woods. Can you blame Andrea? Sure, we have the insight as viewers to know that The Governor isn’t what he seems, but from the character’s perspectives? Not a chance. Poor writing. Thank God Scott Gimple came aboard and tried his best to right all of the wrongs that Mazzara created.

      17. momo bojanglessays:

        issue 100 = most brutal and shocking moment in the comics history… but Michonne’s time with the Gov. is top 3 for sure.

      18. Tom Whaleysays:

        Oh man, I wonder how they’ll do THAT in the show! Gimple has been more faithful to the source material than previous showrunners, so I hope they keep him on board long enough for that to happen…

      19. iluvrsmithsays:

        I’m with you, Dragonetta. The thing about the show is that doesn’t always follow the comics religiously so they are taking liberal licenses. If you don’t like what they do in the show as opposed to the comics, than stick with the comics. Watching a rape scene with glee is pretty messed up and you might want to get some psychological help because you are disappointed that it didn’t happen. It is not HBO, it’s basic cable TV and if it’s not violent enough for you, then pay for the movie channels. Let me guess, some of you would actually pay to watch a death match in which someone actually dies (at least that is what it sounds like). If you like death and violence that much, you should be a body snatcher for a morgue. That will quench your thirst and kill all of your sense of smell.

      20. momo bojanglessays:

        so glad to see you are hopefully done here then… nothing you have said has added anything.

      21. MisterNegansays:

        You are dumb.

      22. momo bojanglessays:


      23. jessesays:

        The governor had nothing in the comic tbh he was just evil. The show had a great tearing character. He is a parallel to rick the governor was not ment to be extremely evil because they wanted the viewers to think that he could someway be redeemed.he does whatever it takes to keep the pepole he loves alive. He did evil stuff like basically groping maggie. They probably should have went threw with the whole rape scene. He was never ment to be mindlessly crazy and evil reason behind the evil.I also like the tv show rick alot more and the governor didnt cut his hand off but that doesn’t mean he wont lose it and kirkman said he regretted doing that.

      24. MisterNegansays:

        Sick of show fanboys parroting “But Kirkman said ..” KIRKMAN IS FUCKING WRONG! He made bold decisions with his writing and it paid off. He took risks and confronted readers with ACTUAL MORAL DILEMMAS. He actually moved a plot forward with logical momentum. What the fuck does he do when he starts making TV money? He plays it safe of course. No risk, no passion, no nothing. Just contrived drama with a unique setting. He gives us a fucking soap opera with zombies in the background. That’s what the governor was. A soap opera villain. He was barely a villain at that. If you had asked someone who they think the antagonist was in that season they probably wouldn’t be able to tell you. The show needs to fucking die.

      25. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        The don’t watch it asshole! Simple as that. Soap opera. Best part — the governor was not a villain. You, my friend, are dumb as a stump. Go watch the Real Housewives of somewhere to quench your thirst for a soap opera. Dumb fuck.

      26. Junzisays:

        That’s the point MisterNegan. There are no “villains” really in this show. Its people with different survival strategies. The idea that people are not able to identify the gov as a villain is not a weakness, it’s a strength. for some the gov is a better leader

      27. momo bojanglessays:

        huge fan of the comics… I disagree but respect your opinion… they enhance one another…

      28. Junzisays:

        I think i understand the feeling when it comes to opinions on the gov comic vs show. I Think the team went the right way as far as the show. The gov in the comic is just straight up evil which is fine for the comic but that type of character would not work in the show. You don’t just have evil for the mere sake of evil. everyone has some motive in that world

        What i like about the show’s rendition is you can understand the gov, you can see the mechanism behind his thinking, you might even come to the same decisions. The comic book gov was just evil for like no damn reason and for this realistic type world there is no sense in that type of character. i think as a normal person if you meet the gov from the comic you would think that dude is loony and want nothing to do with him. However the gov from the show even knowing the type of person he is. one would still think of his survival strategy as reasonable.

        In trying to make the show more realistic they have made more realistic characters. i think it’s a good thing even though naturally the characters might lose some edge from the comics

      29. Thawedsays:

        The show is not for kids, moron.

      30. Dragonettasays:

        But kids watch it, don’t they, asshat?

      31. Rogohmy81says:

        god help us if you have kids….

      32. Michael Bradleysays:


      33. momo bojanglessays:

        not our fault they have bad parents. Are you one?

      34. LordAlastersays:

        What does video games have to do with this show? Just because video games are violent doesn’t mean they’re mindless. You’re talking about a show (that I like) where the main character stabbed his best friend, where people are cannibalized. The same violence I see in the walking dead show I see in the walking dead video game.

      35. pe8er8says:

        I think the point was more that the comic tried to show the true horror of rape instead of the watered down for TV “entertainment” version. Disagreeing with you doesn’t mean people “like” rape. You’re just calling people names to try and win an discussion and steer the conversation to YOUR chosen topic: the corrosive effect of the casual presentation of rape for entertainment purposes.

        Please try and play fair instead of trolling for reactions.

      36. Electrichotdogsays:

        You are exactly right. I imagine it would be hard for this show to get sponsors to fund its development if it maintained every brutal element from the comic. And you know this show is pricey. I applaud them for having a social conscience and realizing this show will definitely end up In front of the eyes of an impressionable child. It’s a shame violence in the media, games, and comics have left people desensitized about what should air on a more or less basic channel.

      37. Dragonetta is the Lori of the comments

      38. ErnieCsays:

        Being disappointed because the characters are ‘watered down’ has nothing to do with your claims above. You FULLY demonstrated the foolish and ignorant view point of your argument when you said, “That’s what porn and video games are for.” Just another idiotic ‘internet evangelist’. It is the PACING and the character development that is the problem with the show. Dragonetta, not sure if you read the comics or not, but it does not show in detail that the rape occurred……….it just implies it, so you grow to hate the governor for being the worst of ‘humanity’. There needs to be more consequences in this show……….less ‘filler’ and wasted dialogue. It does not need needless violence and sex and I don’t believe that is what he was alluding to.

    3. Brandonsays:

      I second that agreement. How do you put that as #5, when you have nothing factual to go by? Ridiculous!!

    4. Ka'uilani Kimsays:

      That wasn’t Michonne, that was Maggie he did that to (in the show).

  16. LAVALAMPsays:


    1. Eyepatchsays:

      And went out like a hero! (To steal a line).

    2. Michael Bradleysays:

      Yea I hated him dying. I cant figure out why Dale is so hated. He was awesome. Dales and T-Dogs RV scene on the highway was perfect imo.

  17. Tygrsays:

    It seems to me that a lot successful shows (and movies) are getting heavy over the top critiques & I am sorry, this show doesn’t deserve any of it. Of all the points being made, my point I have in its defense (like it really needs one). With the zombies popularity not seeming to ever get old or in danger of dying off, AMC took a chance and made series on zombies that works. Not only that it works, they managed to have us focus on the people in the face of daily terror and not the zombies they fend away. I think the show will be fine.

  18. This show has way to mutch drama and way to little horror

    1. Masesays:

      Thats because not every scene is occupied by zombies. The Walking Dead refers to the living, not the zombies.

    2. Here she issays:

      HAHA! Well, okay. Tell the TWD crew to let the zombies do the drama.

      It’s not about “zombies”. If it is, then the whole show will be put off as early as 1st season. Or, worse, you can expect zombies-biting/munching-on-the-living,-or-getting-killed-by-Rick,-and-everyone episodes per season. That would be boring, and complacent. And mediocre.

  19. fukthisritersays:

    i guess the writer is a resident evil or dawn of the dead kind a guy…..the walking dead garnered accolades due to characters and the way things starts and ends in every episode……just think 30 out of 43 minutes of zombie fight every freaking week….. its pointless(just like tony jaa movies)…..even zombie movies get boring after sometime(like80%)

  20. Petesays:

    I agree with him. Also, too many soap opera conversations. The kind where people don’t explain themselves and it leads to ridiculous, unlikely conflict. And occasional terrible effects and makeup. And yet, still watchable and fun.

  21. tawnysaurussays:

    i agree with the first four points. i only read the Book 1 collection of the comics (i didn’t like them enough to continue, though I have stuck with the show for all seasons to date), and found the characters and dialogue there even flatter than they can be on the show–though maybe the action is more dynamic? hard to say. my thought was that maybe the show’s writing struggles at times because those elements of the source material are so weak; it kind of seems sometimes that the show’s writers have to figure out how to shoehorn depth of character and compelling story arc into a collection of characters and series of events that sort of pre-exist.

    1. Guestsays:

      BOOK 1 huh? So what your saying is you don’t know what your talking about……gotcha.

    2. Guestsays:

      BOOK 1 huh? So what your saying is you don’t know what your talking about……gotcha.

    3. Guestsays:

      BOOK 1 huh? So what your saying is you don’t know what your talking about……gotcha.

      1. tawnysaurussays:

        that’s correct. book 1. my thoughts about the translation of the comics to television were based on comparisons between the first 300 or so pages of the comics and what i’ve seen so far in the show. maybe the writing changes dramatically after the first 300 pages. if it does, i suppose that renders my ideas problematic.

      2. He might be referring to the first compilation of the comic books. In some places it’s the only way to get your hands on the very first issues.

  22. Blackbelt_Jonessays:

    TWD tv show sucks, The Governor story arc should have had the impact of the red wedding,but it didn’t,so fail.

  23. kr1zsays:

    Point 6 : The Zombies are not menacing enough.

    They are so easaly killed.
    Just poke a stick in their face and they are dead.
    The zombies have too much life in their eyes too.
    And they can express too much emotions (wonder,anger, etc)

    Point 7 : There are not happening enough original zombiemoments.

    The first season had some very original,surprising and sometimes moving zombie moments.
    Like the half-girl and the transformation of the sister of Andrea.
    I mis those kind of moments in season 2/3

    The Barn outbreakclimax was nice too but that was about it.

  24. krhsays:

    This article seems a season behind.

  25. $25017182says:

    As far as it being as good as the source material is concerned, the comic itself is less than stellar. Very popular, of course, but way too talky and much like the problem with season 2 lingering at the barn, the comic came grinding to a complete painful halt in the comic. This would have been ok, if it was played off as social commentary like in the original Dawn of the Dead, but it felt more like Kirkman ran out of ideas. Also, the governor was somehow an even more cartoony villain in the comic. Really, Daryl is the only saving grace for The Walking Dead.

  26. ObJoeBsays:

    This show/comic book’s zombie concept is moronic (like most of them…); the zombies walk slower than someone that has tied their shoelaces so together.

    Lori’s character reflects a pretty common personality one would encounter in their daily life. If I was in this group I’d feed her to some zombies but all she’d have to do is speed walk & she’d get away. Or get a door with a doorknob between her & them. Probably would just need to shut the gate on a short picket fence.

  27. Masesays:

    I think the show suffers from damned if you do, damned if you dont syndrome. Cradle to close(what fanboys want)to the comic series and you’re too predictable-why even bother watching if its an exact replica. If the show goes its own way then not only are they departing from scripture but canon as well! Ive read that because it doesnt follow the comics exactly that its too fast-there missing too much! But other articles(like this one)say the dialogue is meandering and without a place. Really? Is it even possible to hate a show(because it doesnt follow the source exactly)on both sides on the coin.

    1. Starland soundsays:

      No, its suffers from hiring ex opera writers to write a sci-fi horror apocalyptic zombie story.

  28. Hurrdurrsays:

    All I gotta say is: if Frank Darabont would’ve stayed on after season 1, the show would likely be much better (IMHO).

  29. Tiago Salviattisays:

    The problem is that the show didn’t get the first and most important thing about the comic book: That no one is safe (and that it is rather unpredictable).

    It’s Rick having his arm cut off, or Mickone being raped by the Governor or Dale’s classical “Tainted meat” scene (or even Abraham’s shocking death).
    This is all what The Walking Dead is about – and is perfectly translated at the fantastic Telltale videogame…

  30. nicksays:

    fuck you this show is awesome

    1. Starland soundsays:

      Sure, if you like “as the world turns” or “the edge of night” or….

  31. Avalanchesays:

    The criticism of the characters shows a total lack of understanding of the characters that WE would be when trying to adapt to a sudden radical global upheaval. Andrea, for example. What little was revealed of her previous life was that she was a lawyer for some ACLU type group. Over the 3 seasons, she was constantly defying authority and shunning anything that bore resemblance to “women’s work”, all the while desperately trying to gain the approval and affections of the men in authority to advance her own status. Reminded me a little of Hillary Clinton.
    Carl was kind of the same, but from a kid’s perspective rather than a feminist’s.

  32. Gupkynsays:

    The 1st season was phenomenal. However, they made changes to the writing staff between season 1 & 2 & claimed that no one would be able to tell the difference. The initial plans for season 2 involved showing the fall of Atlanta that took place while Rick was in a coma. Instead the new writers made it a really slow & boring drama fest. Zombies after season 1 are treated like a minor nuisance & the fact they’re in an post-apocalyptic scenario is like a minor plot point now greatly overshadowed by everyone’s extremely overdramatic feelings regarding every single thing that happens.

    I mean this was a horror survival show initially, shouldn’t I still be afraid of the zombies & afraid for the cast when they encounter one? Instead I’m like “oh look a zombie, I forgot about them”… they’re about as exciting as a mosquito attacking a cast member. I’ve read all the comics up to date, I’ve seen the whole series & I actually regret watching the last 2 seasons of the show because they were so boring.

    I’m not trying to be overly critical or some “hater”, I honestly gave this show the benefit of the doubt because I enjoyed the comics & I watched the last season really & truly hoping I’d enjoy it more than season 2, but I just didn’t. To be frank, if the all the survivors of a real zombie apocalypse are this whiny & dramatic… I hope I get eaten by zombies early on. I mean YOU SURVIVED essentially the end of the world! Yeah I know things are really tough now, but you’re luckier than 95% of the rest of the planet so stop whining already & be happy you’re alive.

    1. Gkingsays:

      Yes, we see the characters forgetting about the zombies at times because they are a metaphor for death and everyone faces death it’s just a matter of when and how. Life is about survival. Come back when you’ve lived for a week without electricity and let’s see how whiny you are. I would be cranky as hell

  33. manuelroyalsays:

    Trust me, the dialogue on the show is way, way better than in the comic.

  34. R Tumenggungsays:

    Very lazy writer. If you haven’t read the comic books, don’t mention them. Better still, take a few hours and read through a stack of them. Don’t tell us you haven’t read them but you still have an opinion about them.

  35. Guestsays:

    Cheeseball effects and hamfisted non-logical ‘scares’ like a group of women running from the farm, looking all around, of course with a close up shot, and somehow zombies blindside them FROM THE FRONT. Happens all the time. predictable. once that camera zooms in, invisible ninja zombie spings forth.

    Apparently, the characters, like the viewers, can see no farther than we the edge of the camera shot. *facepalm*

    And, if no one want to let their precious hair grow for the movie…why is Hershel’s hair long? I mean, even the internal inconsistencies are inconsistent.

  36. Guestsays:

    Cheeseball effects and hamfisted non-logical ‘scares’… like a group of women running from the farm, looking all around, of course with a close up shot, and somehow zombies blindside them FROM THE FRONT. Happens all the time. Predictable. Once that camera zooms in, invisible ninja zombie springs forth.

    Apparently, the characters, like the viewers, can see no farther than the edge of the camera shot(?). *facepalm* Zombies can smell … but can’t smell them under the cars. Etc, etc. Just laziness. Cheap thrills. For children I guess.

    And, if the actors do not want to let their precious hair grow for the movie…or the sequence of the movie being filmed is so divergent from the sequence being shown that no we, the viewers, just have to pretend that Rick’s two day stubble can last months…then why is Hershel’s hair long once they get to the prison?

    I mean, even the internal inconsistencies are inconsistent.

    Just lazy writing. It actually makes me angry. So, I just don’t watch.

  37. Ribbitsays:

    Cheeseball effects and hamfisted non-logical ‘scares’… like a group of women running from the farm, looking all around, of course with a close up shot, and somehow zombies blindside them FROM THE FRONT. Happens all the time. Predictable. Once that camera zooms in, invisible ninja zombie springs forth.

    Apparently, the characters, like the viewers, can see no farther than the edge of the camera shot(?).

    Zombies can smell … but can’t smell them under the cars. Etc, etc.

    The seemingly unending supply of gasoline.

    The haircuts of the actors.

    I mean, if the actors don’t want to let their precious hair grow for the movie…or the sequence of the movie being filmed is so divergent from the sequence being shown that we, the viewers, just have to pretend that Rick’s two day stubble can last months and that’s just cool with us…then why is Hershel’s hair long once they get to the prison?

    I mean, even the internal inconsistencies are inconsistent.

    Just lazy writing. It actually makes me angry.
    So, I just don’t watch.

  38. Starland soundsays:

    Hiring reject soap opera writers to replace the good ones they fired after season one probably didn’t help this series as well.

    Who wants to see “All My Children” with zombies anyways?

  39. Rs Sksays:

    The good thing about the comic book is that you can skip the boring and endless chats of the characters. And the weak or annoying characters used to be that way for a reason. Most of them are going to be killed.
    The show must go on with a similar story but not the same.

  40. jlcsays:

    Actually Walking Dead is top rated show in its time slot. Also maybe with a little research people would know the whole reason ‘the farm’ season happened was because the cast of Mad Men was demanding more money which led to budget cuts for all other shows. However if Walking Dead was strictly zombies and horror and no drama or character interaction, then you wouldn’t give a shit when people die and as a HUGE fan… I do. I HATED Lori in the show but when she died I dropped a tear. Plus I think this article is clearly by someone who doesn’t watch the show otherwise you’d know Daryl Dixon isn’t just ‘kind of’ a relevant character, he’s popularity is greater than the main character Rick.

    1. MisterNegansays:

      1) Popularity means shit. Justin fucking Bieber is popular. Don’t use bandwagon arguments.

      2) Farm season or no; Small budgets are not an excuse for bad writing. Kirkman has published entire story arcs that take place at a single location.

      3) It doesn’t matter how much drama or character interaction you have if it’s all entirely contrived bullshit to fill time like it is in the show. I mean you seem to think people are complaining about the fact that it’s there and not the quality of it. You’re fucking wrong. The show is written like a fucking soap opera. None of the drama makes sense, the character’s motivations are not clear at all, and there is literally zero discernable plot. It’s just a bunch of random fucking drama for no reason.

      4) Daryl Dixon is the embodiment of what is fucking wrong with this show. i.e. the main character sucks so hard the audience turned to a supporting character. He is also the embodiment of the fans’ denial. For all you pretend to salivate over your precious fucking soap opera elements you seem to just wet yourself at the sight of the guy that represents the exact opposite on the show. The badass, zombie killing, action hero, redneck (who also happens to be the character with the least depth).

      1. Raree Forlorn Sixxsays:

        Not you again moron. I thought I suggested to you that you change the channel and watch something more appealing to you??? Daryl Dixon is a hard shell with a great heart and we wouldn’t have known that if they didn’t talk and we got to learn the back stories. You are really stupid and think you are a genius. Disgusting.

  41. dregjsays:

    The zombies are never threatening
    they are weak and slow and only scary en masse
    which they cant afford to show since the pilot
    Even when they invade hersechel’s farm it was close-up of a dozen extra walking past the camera
    there was never a wide angle “OMG shot” of thousands of the buggers swarming round the farm or the prison.(think dawn of the dead remake)
    when woddbury broke down the main gate
    they re invaded the prison and forced out heroes to stay inside
    there were still only about a dozen extras milling about
    they could have taken em out in 10 seconds
    it doesn’t feel threatening or even vaguely unsettling
    they need to blow the budget just once to
    show why the world has ended
    not just actors running from a few extras in grey make up

  42. Kzookillersays:

    This article sucks

  43. For me, watching the Walking Dead, I get bored most of the time when the zombies come on the screen. I realize it’s the zombie apocalypse, and they’re integral to the world/plot, but I’m thinking, “Hurry up and kill the zombies so we can get back to the story!”
    The villain(s) of the series are among the best I’ve ever seen in any medium: movies, TV, books, etc. I used to say Shane was more evil than Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter combined then along comes the Governor, and wow!

  44. Showbagssays:

    TWD TV show is ok but it could be much more I agree. I played the Telltale game and I thought that the storyline from that was a mile ahead of the TV show. It actually had real emotion and there was much more tension. Lee the main character is more complex and interesting than Rick (who is only ok) and his relationship with Clementine is more powerful than anything the TV show can put together.

  45. skunkybeaumontsays:


    Weak article but great points, if you researched your evidence a lot better and had real insight on the show I’m sure this would have been intriguing. The supporting characters/cameos are very hit and miss, leaving you wondering why that part of the story even came into someone’s head; Carl (being the only surviving member of that list) has definitely outlived his usefulness, shooting the kid mercilessly was redeeming but I’m about sick of him now. Looking forward to seeing how the prison holds strong and if they explore the DC storyline.

  46. H2Hummerboysays:

    This article sucks, the show is awesome and I love every episode. The key to keeping a great show on top, is the character development & growth. The dick who wrote this bs seems to have survived a zombie apocalypse before and has some magic rules on how people should behave and what things should be.

  47. I’ve noticed some pretty dumb choices/mistakes they show has made, but I care more for these characters and this plot than any other TV Show I’ve ever seen. Walking Dead is the best for me, and I love it!

  48. Juniorbrownsays:

    Uh no.

  49. Juniorbrownsays:

    Not one reason listed is even remotely true. Poor acting? What show are you watching? The dialogue isn’t preachy, no drawn out monologues. No tv series will ever be perfect….Walking Dead comes pretty fucking close though. The person that wrote this article admitted that they don’t really watch the show and haven’t read the comics, while at the same time suggesting that the series isn’t as good as the comic. The article was written to piss off fans of the show and illicit traffic with that stupid title

  50. Jakesays:

    Seriously this is just an opinion thing because in my opinion there is only one show that is better and that of course is Breaking Bad. I hate when people just keep wanting more from already amazing projects and then some TV shows give more and it starts to become too clouded with material, which happens to show a lot. In my opinion every TV show and film could be better because so far I have yet to see the perfect piece of material, although there are some top directors but they have still not made the perfect movie. The Walking Dead is an absolutely incredible show that focuses more on the human aspect than the zombie aspect, which was my first time realizing the show was unique in that way and immediately grabbed my attention. Watching all the lush character stories being told so beautifully but in the darkest of realities is fascinating to me. The Shane and Rick story arc building from the very beginning was just a treat to watch then they finally end it in the way you wanted and even expected, you still feel somewhat sorry for Shane but of course that vanishes quickly as you keep remembering he did do some bad things.

    I cannot wait until October 13th(I think lol)

  51. stpetersburgsays:

    not a good list.

      1. stpetersburgsays:


  52. Opinionminesays:

    Fact is, to be successful the show has to pull in certain demographics. The comic book readers (and I read a handful, had to stop because it was just too over-the-top) are a minority. Most people don’t want to cross the line into the over-the-top sensationalism the comics offer, but they want to be in the grey area just before that. There are those who already think shows like this are too graphic. I for one think that the majority of the acting is believable and the stories are well-written. I didn’t like season 3 as much because the dead became trivialized and lost between the warring human factions. I think the decisions they’ve made on the show were mostly wise (I find the show’s governer more believable – the governer in the comics looks like a psychopathic Shang Tsung). Anyway, just my two cents.

  53. JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnowsays:

    So Darren is it? Is a former film student or a current one who got a A on a project and THINKS he knows what makes good tv. Carl isn’t a credible camp contributor? yea……he killed his mom….he couldn’t possibly kill a zombie.

      1. JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnowsays:

        Not going to watch your little youtube show….

      2. halo4ablesays:

        So you wont even hear another persons opinion yet criticise Darren for having an opinion? LOL

      3. JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnowsays:

        No go ahead and state your opinion….not giving you a youtube hit….UNDERSTAND?….LOL

      4. halo4ablesays:

        its not my video, my channel is halo4able

    1. Mack0says:

      I have my suspicions the show isn’t hipster enough for Darren.

  54. Cory Bowensays:

    These are all terrible excuses please give some better ones, there has to be characters we hate whether they be main characters or villains, and side characters aren’t meant to be important thats why they are side characters not all of them will be a Daryl, ill agree there has been some good ideas that fell flat but the show cannot be like the comics yea the govenor wasnt as bad on the show like he was in the comics, I know he can’t be like the character in the comics because I don’t think they would be able to show everything he did, and lastly TERRIBLE ACTING!? I don’t think you really know what acting is oh wait you acted like you knew what you were talking about when you wrote this article my bad

    1. halo4ablesays:

      Watch this to find out why the show sucks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDbi7P93Np8

      1. Cory Bowensays:

        The show sucks ok I guess all the millions of viewers and the high ratings mean nothing take your idiocy and your stupid link you have posted on people bashing this horrible article to a stupid forum full of idiots like you who hate this show

      2. halo4ablesays:

        MTV and TMZ also have millions of viewers, does that mean they are good shows.

        The show does not have that high of a rating, mind you.

        You have not even watched the video yet deem it stupid, your just an ignorant fan

      3. Cory Bowensays:

        I have watched the video it’s just another sad troll and it doesn’t get high ratings? I guess a 12.4 isn’t high just an ignorant hater

      4. halo4ablesays:

        Its not as high given that its on is third season. Look at shows like breaking bad and GOT

      5. Cory Bowensays:

        What!? You do not know what you are talking about breaking bads finale just the other night got a 10.3, and its been on alot more seasons than the walking dead they even said the ratings werent as high as AMCs mega hit The Walking Dead, please if you would have said that you disliked it and stated reasons why i would have respected that, but you just said it sucked without knowing any facts as to why you are clearly just an ignorant hater

  55. Mack0says:

    You’re actually wrong. The characters in the comic are even more over the top cliches. The governor in the comic is a one dimensional cackling mustache twisting villain. Remember, the worst episode of the show ever was written by the walking dead creator himself.

  56. vodoo_queensays:

    This is a really well crafted, intuitive article; summed up all the things that irritate me about the show but can’t always articulate. By not being able to relate to the comics he’s effectively writing from a different(and in some ways more appropriate when analysing how a piece of cinematography does and doesn’t work) critical perspective.

  57. Samsays:

    I actually prefer the show to the comics. I liked the comics up until a certain point and then they just descended into ridiculousness.

    I like the characters on the show much more than I did in the comics (save for Lori and Andrea).

  58. hgfhsays:

    The show should stem away from the comics. Otherwise, people will get bored knowing what will happen. Andreas death was unexpected and didn’t follow the original. Read Sin City, then watch the movie–it’s boring.

    In my opinion after reading full plot details of the each comics, I’m glad they aren’t following the creator’s visions. It wouldn’t translate well on television and people would scream how it’s unrealistic.

  59. John Clearysays:

    Completely agree about Lori, Carl, and Andrea. BLAH.

  60. Although I think the first episode was brilliant it did sort of decline a bit after that, why, because the directors,producers and dialogue writers lost fact of the only thing that matters in these shows and that is the building up of tension and more tension and yet more tension until the climax and leave the viewer wanting more of the same. They also need to cut the dialogue down by 90% and no moralising then you would have success. Bit like the first Die hard film ( rest rubbish ) and the early television version of Mash. Bring morales into an entertainment scene and it all goes down the pan.

  61. jvisioussays:

    fucking hater

  62. ardsays:

    I don’t really like the show in comparison to the comics. The comics present the danger that could come out of a situation of this caliber in a more realistic way. I read everywhere online about how the series, (in total, both the comic and the show) presents Social Darwinism in disasters and how the strong survive, often by doing things that they didn’t think they were morally capable of. The book presents that point well while the show does not. The comic makes you aware of why The Governor needs to be killed, because he sadistic and does irrevocable damage on whim, showing that he was probably a little ‘unhinged’ before the apocalypse. I get the impression from the show that the reason The Governor is a threat is merely that he exists and is successful apart from Rick’s group. Obviously as has been said in responses to other comments, I know that they can’t put most of the things that made The Governor a force to be reckoned with on TV and make it past censors but they could have at least had him take Rick’s hand or be involved in Lori’s death.

  63. liquidysays:

    The comic IS much better in the comic Rick is basically Shane and in the show they decided to make Rick some giant man pussy. What is Shane in the comic you say? He is dead he literally gets about 2 pages of action in the comic before Carl blows his brains out, when he is HUMAN, for trying to kill his Dad. And here comes the shows downfall they don’t kill the characters off. There is now a overload of characters because the TV show doesn’t have the balls to kill/wipe out this worthless crew. The Comic goes through people like the TV show goes through zombies and I mean main characters.

    The other thing that really annoys me is that the Governor was suppose to capture Rick not Andrea and then promptly cut his hand off which Handicaps him and makes relying on people all the more important.

    O did I spoil you? Don’t care.

  64. billsays:

    episode 1 of season 4

  65. billsays:

    when it went interacial, i checked out-not my cup of tea. loved it till season 4 episode 1 then i cancelled my subscription with amazon, bill

    1. Frankenzteinsays:

      Uh, you do realize Glynn is Asian and Maggie is white right? They were interracial since Season 3.

      1. Angelic Assassinsays:

        Wasted time on a wasted mind. Good call though on skipping by the stupid reason for leaving for, “dude, you’re too stupid to know when it happened.”

  66. joesays:

    cg blood. that is all.

  67. JamesonDuvelsays:

    i laughed my ass off at Herschel described as a “badass santa”.

  68. zirtocsays:

    To speak to the point about moral dilemmas, plot pacing, and minor characters, I think we just don’t get enough time to dwell on it. Take Karen, for instance. My sense of her whole arc was, “I’m Karen. Romantic with Tyreese…burned, dead!” I’m lucky I even caught her name. Characters come and go so fast – we sense they were supposed to be important, such as triggering great rage from Tyreese. But we just don’t connect with them yet, so it feels rushed and not very compelling. Just my 2¢. I love the show, though, and I consider it to be the best show I’m watching on television at the moment.

  69. L.F.says:

    As a big fan of the comics, I had a tough time getting into the show in spite of its promise. I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment about characterization. In the original medium Andrea is by far my favorite character with Carl not far behind and Lori is certainly tolerable, but they all feel terribly bland in the tv series.

  70. Thawedsays:

    My God. What a generically, depressing article.

    A professor taught us 20 years ago that writing a negative review is always easier than writing a positive review. He also taught us that many review writers suffer from ego issues- thus they think the more they put down any work of art, dining, or travelling adventure, the smarter they think they are.

    This shitty article is proof that he was right.

  71. Jacky Caesarsays:

    After seeing World War Z, I’m struggling with TWD. The zombies are too slow and easy to kill. Geez even the Asian guy killed one while he was tied to a chair.

    1. Zerosays:

      that’s because they’re based off the George A. Romero zombies which are walking corpses, not people with a disease that went up a notch. (Yes I know they say “We’re all infected” but honestly when something like in World War Z where you can be cured or vaccinated against it exists I don’t see much survival in it. Also don’t get me wrong saw World War Z and loved it but I still prefer the slow “living dead” creatures instead of the infected ones, but both are still fun to watch)

  72. TheDoctorsays:

    Talk talk talk talk….kill zombie….blah, blah, blah….lame cliffhanger….end.

  73. No Babiessays:

    1) Lori- Is every woman in real life
    interesting/admirable/deep/whatever? No. Some people are painfully
    one-dimensional, or at least present themselves that way. Why should
    fictional characters be any different?

    Andrea- I don’t know what
    your problem with her was. She had an interesting, dynamic development
    from her initial minor part, to becoming suicidal, to toughening up, to
    abandonment, to trying to be the voice of reason. I’d say the only
    problem with her was that her final scene was easily survivable the way
    they presented it.

    Carl- What’s not believable about a kid who’s
    been raised in a life-and-death environment for a year and a half
    becoming competent at killing slow, mindless, assailants? Further,
    they’ve used him rather effectively to explore the consequences of that
    kind of upbringing as a survival practicality vs. humanity study.

    2) It’s an hour-per-episode, including commercial time, show. They can’t fully explore every single character they come across. And some you like are bound to be around far more briefly than you’d like. Kinda like life. That’s not a failing of the show. The “damn, you were interesting, I would’ve liked to know you better” aspect is a nice touch of reality that makes the show more engaging.

    3) Again, art imitating life. 30 minutes of talking in the middle of each episode? Most of life is people talking. What’s the problem? If you want mostly action, watch one of the many zombie movies out there that will give you that. Dialogue is generally the way characterization and story are developed, and I don’t recall much in the way of weak dialogue in The Walking Dead. I’m sorry, but this entry makes you sound like one of those people who label every show that deals with the relationships of the characters as a “soap opera”.

    4) The scene you gave as an example seemed well-executed to me. It seemed like the way people talk and act. Maybe you don’t interact with people much?

    5) Okay, seriously, shut the fuck up. As has been said, this should not be one of your reasons when you have no basis other than “what you’ve heard.” If you’re going to draw comparisons with the comics, read them before doing so.

  74. dfsdtrsdfsays:

    you’re kidding me right? lost was a piece of shit. terrible writing and a non-sensical story. the walking dead is a vastly superior show in every way.

  75. Zylosays:

    So you just have a problem with charecters is what I’m seeing. Also I would strongly disagree with the first episode being the best. I think its been getting better and better as it goes on. Your thinking of this show as zombies killing people when its really about what they have to go through to survive. Mentally and physicly. I see this show going higher every episode

  76. Urmaysays:

    So seeing as people are going HUR DUH DUR DUH DUMB. I’ll open this too the three series of TWD.
    The comic had a more open era where it could state “17+ or NC17” as for a TV series the ESRB or the “ass hole rating people” will not allow such behavior and most characters need to be dumb-ed down like a bunch of idiots.
    The TV series, Comic, along with the Game have shared similar situations to the point that some of the stuff is the same in all three. Although the protagonist seams more dead set on saving people, he is also there to be the center of most of the drama acts. The TV series has more drama then anything else.

  77. phillipkslicksays:

    The One Thing Keeping Walking Dead from Being Great?
    1. The Writing.

  78. FiachSidhesays:

    This article screams “I haven’t seen the show or read the books, and is based entirely on things my friends have told me”. Like Megan Amram’s piece on Game of Thrones, only not funny.

    Every point seems lifted from some fan forum post or half heard conversation.

    Most of the people who complain about the show, have no idea what the Walking Dead is about, or why it is as successful as it is. Most of them have no read the comics, and so they have no idea what to expect.

    The Walking Dead has always been less about the zombies, and more about the people, and how society breaks down. That is why the comics are so popular.

    If you come in expecting Resident Evil, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. TWD isn’t an action series. Its a DRAMA.

    1. fiachsidhesays:

      That is in regards to the lack of action.

      That said, the show does a lousy job if adapting the brutality of TWD. As it is not on HBO. I have a feeling basic cable was the wrong place for The Walking Dead, and that is holding it back.

      1. John Schroedersays:

        “the show does a lousy job if adapting the brutality of TWD.”

        Really? That’s an honest opinion?
        the very first 5 minutes of the first episode the show broke down
        boundaries which were previously unscathed for the entire time that
        broadcast television has been in existence, you had a police officer
        shoot a 7-9 year old girl square in the forehead, and instead of using
        some cheesy pan-away shot, which IMPLIES what he did, you got to see
        that scene in the fullness of it’s groundbreaking and provocative first
        person perspective! Do you realize the extent of that scene’s impact
        alone for television? Because you’re right, it’s not on H.B.O., it’s on
        AMC…American Movie Classics, a station which was originally funded
        (and founded) under the concept that it would be airing “Classic” T.V.
        shows and movies from the “Golden Age” of “Wholesome T.V. broadcasting”
        and here’s a show which has the fundamental “good-guy hero” character
        of the cop putting a .357 slug through a little girls head and in
        another scene you have an uncut,unedited,sexist joke targeting women and
        referring to the woman as “You dumb bitch, you mean to tell me you’ve
        been hearing this you’re whole damn life and you’re still to stupid to
        figure out the lightswitch goes in both directions?” Granted, they can’t
        (yet) have scenes the equivalent of soft-core porn and snuff films like
        H.B.O., but give credit where credit is due and remember that T.W.D is
        airing on A.M.C. and smashing it’s way head first through the actual and
        perceived restrictions on what is legal and acceptable for any show to
        depict on network television. Basic cable may be slightly holding T.W.D
        back for the time being, but T.W.D., with the full support of A.M.C., is
        dragging network television kicking and screaming, full speed ahead,
        into the next generation of broadcast,network,and public television and
        I,for one,think that that’s EXACTLY where the show needs to be and
        exactly WHEN it needs to be there.

  79. Dody Adkinssays:

    Review is spot on! Piss poor cast of actors! Rick and Andrea are the worst! The show moves too slow, as well. *yawn*

  80. davidsays:

    I haven’t read the comic either but the show seems to get bogged down a lot. I understand the concept of different characters for the show but it bothers me that so many of the original characters have been killed off. One understands in a show like this that some members have to die to further fuel the urgency of their plight during this horrific time but you also have to have a base of set characters that are in this plight together for a good amount of time or your numbers will drop off as some of the main characters or either killed or run off. One of my characters Carol was sent packing as if what she was doing was wrong. This is kill or be killed. Rick has been off in never never land and now all of a sudden he is in charge again with a holier than thou attitude? I don’t think so.

  81. BLAHBLAHsays:

    Weak journalism, weak writing, no effort (guy could have read the comics in an hour or so), but this is the norm nowadays.. 10 reasons this, 5 reasons that.. Hollow articles with no real content, just a catchy title.

  82. Brian Nebekersays:

    To me this article sounds like somebody whining because they did not customize an entire series to this persons preferences. And if he did not even real the comic why mention it at all.

    I love the show because it does more than show zombies killing people all the time. There are episodes that are better than others but it is a continuing story where people change and when things seem to be working great something else comes along. Sometimes it is the dead that are a threat but more often it is the living, which is real life.

    In the first season the zombie where much more of a threat because you have a bunch of people who had no clue about how hard life is without modern conveniences and civil society. Everything disappeared at once and they had to adapt as quickly as possible. Many of the they did not make it and they ones that did had to learn the laws of nature, kill or be killed. As they changed the zombies became less of a threat, at least is small numbers, and the threats started to become more about how this change affected the living. If the living could stop fighting with each other they could ban together and win the war.

    As far as the rape scene, I don’t see much value in dedicating more time to that, you got the idea. TV does not have as much time as a book or comic does to give explicit details to something that is easy understood in a short scene.

    The latest session was a little slow and stupid for my taste. At this point they should be making better choices. Along the way the have been some characters that I was glad to see go because they did not really offer much to the show in my view. Dale certainly was one who hung around way to long. But I don’t expect the writers to do things the way I would do them, They kill people off that you think would be around forever and I like not knowing when someone might be taken out.

    As a last though, it occurs to me that these comments are so much like the show. People have different opinions and cannot stand that someone else might disagree with them. Some people can accept the differences and some strike out in anger about something that in the end does not matter in the least.

  83. George Blairsays:

    Lord this is going to be long and I apologize.

    For starters the people in the show act incredibly dumb. As Herschel said in S2, “How have you people stayed alive so far?”. (I call them a template for what NOT to do in a TEOTWAKI situation)

    1) They waste resources, they don’t scavenge (and when they do they’re reckless), they don’t plan (Lori was pregnant for 9 months and NOW you figure out you need Formula and Diapers?), they don’t reload…you get the idea.

    2) More than one plot twist / advancer has been because one individual “HAD” to go find somebody else.

    2a) They rarely, if ever, set LP /OP (listening post / observation post), run patrols, and when they cleared the fence at the prison, it was a seeming response to a sudden influx of “Walkers” not a daily or 3x a day action. By the by, the lack of LP / OP caused them to get overrun in S1 and S2.

    3) The characters behave irrationally and illogically. The former has been explained to me by a fan of the comic book as follows: The writers of the show have taken actions by multiple people in the comic book and condensed said actions into one tv character. However, you have Rick unilaterally banishing Carol for making a unilateral decision.

    3a) The Governor and his “family”. Why on earth would you leave a standing, hardened building, located within walking distance of an old folks home? They went from beds and plumbing to driving to walking in five minutes.

    4) Not to get all racial, but living 30 miles west of Atlanta, I find it funny how decidedly monochromatic the tv show is.

    5) Here’s the plot of S2: “Where’s {Carl / Sophia / Rick}?”

    6) Resources

    a) Want electricity? Deep-cell batteries. Run a stationary bike to recharge said batteries.
    b) Want Protein? Chickens. Easy to raise, help keep your area free of bugs, and cluck like crazy when frightened.
    c) Want heated water? Run pipe through your compost pile.

    7) At the end of S3, Carl’s expression when his dad decided to bring in the elderly from Woodbury (where did those folks go btw) was spot-on. Not everyone can contribute. And if the majority of their contribution is eating and sh!tting, then you have to make some tough decisions. (Think movie ‘Lifeboat’).

    8) Not to pile on Lori (Hey now!) but it’s a rare achievement to win “Post Apocalyptic Worst Wife AND Mother” award.

    9) Andrea. Umm yeah. It took you being tied up to realize the Gov was crazier than a bagful of cats? And why didn’t Maggie flat out say – “The gov tried to RAPE me”?

    9a) Information is not shared. That should and would be. Horrible plot device.

    10) Can’t wait for the second half of this season.

  84. Jessesays:

    Wow, you have no ground to stand on writing this rubbish. The show isn’t perfect but no show is and yes, I loved breaking bad, sopranos, the wire but those shows weren’t perfect either. Please remember this is a television show not real life. If we want real life then we wouldn’t be watching tv in the first place.

  85. scubastevesays:

    Chill out dude, you take this way too serious. Its a great show, just enjoy it for what it is. Don’t look so deep into it!

  86. popgasmstreetsays:

    Nailed it.

  87. j serranosays:

    The Show tends to start with a really strong season premiere but loses itself in the middle because the mid season finale and premiere for seasons 2 & 3 are just crap. This is coming from an avid fan of the comic books as well as the series. It is hard to top what Darabont did in season 1 and not just his show but any other show. the message was clear and the vision and themes were greatly executed. Scott Gimple has fixed a lot of what was wrong with season 2 and 3 in season 4. it’s still not what season 1 was but he is not afraid to take risks and he plays with every character and gives them more depth and meaning. the only episodes which were greatly dissapointing were Live Bait and Inmates but the rest of them have been really good. the dialogue is not as stiff anymore and characters now make more sense and the decisions those characters make are clearer. I alsways remember when Rick said this is not a democracy anymore (Ricktatorship) and then in another episode they are confronting another issue and he says let’s vote. season 4 has fixed some aspects of what was terribly wrong with season 2 and 3. again, im a big fan of both sources of the story and i can say that season 2 and 3 are not deserving of the high ratings, except for both of the season premieres.

  88. This is all just your opinion, kind of bummed I took the time to reach the entire thing. This is a great show, hands down. That fact that you compair it to the graphic novels despite the fact that you haven’t read them???? Shame on you.

  89. anthony williamssays:

    Definately too much dialogue, The characters are rarely in danger it seems. I know they have been able to learn how to kill zombies, but they do it like they are killing mosquitoes not flesh eating zombies.

  90. crocodile_smilesays:

    “Characters like Lori, Carl, Andrea…” wtf? i don’t think you should have to read the comics to appreciate the show, but come on! all three of them, but carl especially, are VERY significant characters in the walking dead canon. your article is bad, and you should feel bad.

  91. DREXXsays:

    I think this article should have been titled “5 reasons the author does’nt like TWD”. I mean really the show isn’t working? It has a huge fan base, TV critics love it, it wins awards…. what else do you need for a show to “work”?

  92. RandomUsersays:

    The crossbow dude is a t.v. only creation. Rick is supposed to lose a hand. Carl is younger and suffers a great deal of trauma throughout the comic book series. The asian dies a satisfying death in issue 100. A new bad ass supporting character is turned into a queer for no reason at all other than to follow certain real life agendas.

  93. TTBurksays:

    I like TWD but the past couple seasons have really sucked season 3 was horrible I really love the story line and I tune in every Sunday night but there were a lot of episodes I missed in season 3 because it was so boring i just waited for netflix to get them , season 1 was by far the best of the series and it’s sad to say because a show like TWD has so much potential that it should grow and become so much better with age I’m just hoping it’s not some stupid crap when they get to ” Terminus ” in season 4 hopefully the show picks up otherwise I might not be watching it anymore and just wait for it on Netflix

  94. The snoring deadsays:

    (Some spoilers if your planning on watching this garbage show) 100% agree with this article! The walking dead is a complete snore and I only watch it because my family forces me to on a weekly basis. Too much horrible lifetime drama like this article calls it and too little actual zombies!! Plus the fact that I HATE WALKING ZOMBIES! How can anyone be scared of a zombie that walks??? The only that is worst then the zombies has to be the acting and the shit load of sad/awkward scenes! How can anyone really see a point of watching this show after Shane (the only character I actually respected) dies???

  95. Noahsays:

    This makes no sense your actually saying that dialogue is bad then you are dumb we need character development over run-and-gun

  96. Hagbard Celinesays:

    Walk around, fight zombies,walk around some more, fight some zombies,talk,talk,talk,talk, “Where’s Carl!?” , find Carl, fight zombies. End of Season 1. Didn’t watch it again, bought the graphic novels instead.

  97. flatulatingmarmosetsays:

    This is a show for sheep. You want good tv, watch Game of Thrones. Too bad Fringe isn’t on anymore.

  98. Philsays:

    The basic plot device of characters coming together, breaking apart, and coming together again has gone stale. Along the way some really good characters were killed off, like Herschel. This show could have developed into the new “Lost”, a great show that relied upon an ensemble cast. That’s hard to do when you keep killing off your ensemble. For me, the “Walking Dead” has died.

  99. Dolmancesays:

    It occurred to me reading this article that journalists are paid by the number of words they write, and those end of the month bills are coming due quickly — I feel like I just ate a meal of stale air.

    Good luck.

  100. Sejanussays:

    This article is truly a well baked turd.

  101. Christine Adamssays:

    Well let’s see, is the show perfect? I doubt it but do I have a hit television series? No….so therefore my opinion is irrelevant. I don’t think the other shows the author of this review mentioned were perfect either. What I can say is that my entire family watches this show. Not just watches it, I’m talking faithfully in front of the TV promptly at 9:00 pm every Sunday that it’s on. Running and grabbing remotes, snacks, drinks and in an assembly fashion everyone doing their part to ensure we’re all seated and ready for the show to start. Same thing every week, no one has swayed from the weekly ritual yet. No other TV show has done that. My husband and I are almost as faithful with GOT but I am still upset and somewhat holding a grudge that they killed off all of the great main characters in season 1. So much so I wasn’t sure how they would even progress with a season 2 but they did and people are still dropping like flies….I still love the show though. I know they are somewhat following the book as with WD though so I am coming around to forgiveness but I am seriously considering a full out boycott if they kill off the Imp. Anyway, this is WD we’re talking about. My son’s are 13 and 16 and the 13 year old reads the comics. He doesn’t read anything but he reads these comics. I don’t really care about the content because the kid is reading…I mean it’s not as if its porn. Maybe not entirely appropriate for a 13 year old but the way I see it, anything that can get the kid to read like that is a good thing. I admit I was skeptical. My 13 year old convinced me to watch the first episode, not typically a zombie movie lover but I’ve been hooked since the first episode. We now look forward to the annual New Jersey Zombie Walk as well and have become full fledged zombie lovers. I don’t know why but the show fascinates me. I am also fascinated by the people who like me are hooked. You can guarantee to see several new posts on fb from people you wouldn’t assume would watch it but it seems like everyone is watching. Even my sister who is the least of all people I would expect. Of all the characters mentioned I have to disagree, take Laurie for instance….she was not a likable character. She was doomed from the beginning for shacking up with Rick’s best friend so soon after he was believed to be dead and I for one would never have taken his partners word for it that he was dead and would have made him take me to the hospital to see for myself. After all the military would have left eventually. Then it just gets worse, finding out she was pregnant, the head games she played with Shane and ultimately the way she reacted to Rick admitting to killing Shane when she knew damn well Shane was a problem. Yeah she was plagued from the word go and I believe made a believable character in that everyone seemed to dislike her so much. I don’t even recall who this Dave character was he mentioned as being one of the best scenes of the show…I would have to disagree in light of that. I dunno I think it’s the best thing on TV right now with GOT coming in at a close 2nd but that’s just my opinion and you know what they say….opinions are like ass o’s everybody’s got one and they’re good for shit!

  102. ErnieCsays:

    Does anybody else find the show pacing boring? I find it very boring………I LOVE the comics and I always feel an impending sense of dread when I read them. The show just is not working for me.

  103. mbpsays:

    You just sound really whiny about everything on the show. Maybe some things that are in the comics can’t really be shown on TV? Maybe they want to reimagine the world of TWD just a bit from the comics so its … you know … different?

  104. taneeshsays:

    dat show be GABRAGE u hurd?bunch of white peeps n dats it!!all dem blacks who b on dat sho ALWAYS die but da white peeps of coarse stay alife!!need i say more?peace.

  105. Frapsmannsays:

    The writer of this post is so unidimensional. Not worth reading such self absorbed meanderings.

  106. Rogersays:

    5 ways we can make this article better…

  107. Davidsays:

    Just my though on the walking dead I really like the show~`I don’t care about any faults or the like I think it is well put together.Most shows have months and months to get every thing just right. The walking Dead haft to go to school to learn how to walk and such. It is amazing how every thing comes together.Mistakes or not it is a good show. I will be pressurized if it don’t win some kind of award. I am just saying… It is only my view point. I respect your too. take no affiance I am not a director only a fan.

  108. momo bojanglessays:

    this article sucks… like enough where I would be embarassed to have my name put on it… even if I got paid… I would probably mail the money back and find a new source of income or whatever this is for you… the show needs characters that not everyone likes… and your fifth point is like reviewing a car you have never driven or a restraunt review for a place you drove by and it smelled bad… you are a mongoloid… hey I guess people with down syndrome need jobs too… yeah I guess 16 million people read your article too then right? Just jump already.

  109. Tom Goresays:

    is this person paid to write crap???

  110. Tom Goresays:

    walking dead is a great show

  111. testersays:

    I still think walking dead is more like a soap opera with zombies. stopped watching a long time ago

  112. Stormy Evanssays:

    I love the show, never read the comics but what irritates me is that for a place that has been overrun by zombies and abandoned society then where are the overgrown sets? Shouldn’t there be weeds head high and everywhere? Revolution does the set dressings a whole lot better.

  113. Randy Townsendsays:

    1) Mad Men started out as REALLY good. It hasn’t been in at least two seasons; 2) TWD can’t decide if it wants to be a zombie-killing show or a soap opera with a zombie theme; 3) The “long in the tooth” moniker is starting to apply – I used to watch it each night it was on. The last season or two, I DVR it and watch it when I have time… From my unscientific view, the show had better improve or it’s not going on the list of things to watch…

    1. Sent from myMail for iOS

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