10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New Black

Netflix has done it again. Not only do they have another hit original series with Orange is the New Black, but their shows seem to be getting stronger and stronger following the previous successes of House of Cards (which made a splash in the recent Emmy nominations announcement), and Arrested Development, which was coolly received at first but after critics had time to digest it found it overwhelmingly positive. I’ll leave it to others to speculate on whether this Netflix model is sustainable or not and whether they could potentially become the next HBO or whether they’re a fad that will be replaced by the next big thing whatever that ends up being.

What I can speak to, and what there seems to be growing consensus around, is that Orange is the New Black is the finest series Netflix has produced and released to date. It’s also its most popular so far. Interestingly, the subject matter of the show, taking place inside a women’s federal prison, is not far off from HBO’s first original series Oz, which was about a maximum security prison. So Orange feels very much like a nod to the HBO show as well as a modernization of its content for a changing culture and streaming television demographic. It also feels like a small comedy-drama, but like Breaking Bad, takes a world that feels small and expands it through its ideas and cast of characters to draw universal conclusions and make wide-ranging observations about the justice system, gender issues, and human relationships all while keeping a dark sense of humor and replicating the tension and unease of a prison setting.

Here are 10 more reasons you ought to binge-watch the crap out of Orange is the New Black ASAP.

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