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‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 opening credits gives Jerry a much-needed, overdue glow-up

Jerry is on the best redemption arc in TV history.

Jerry Smith in 'Rick and Morty' season 7
via Adult Swim

As custom dictates, Adult Swim has just released the new opening credits for Rick and Morty ahead of the show’s new season, and the fandom is already bringing out the goggles to analyze everything to death.

The last time we sat through an episode of Rick and Morty was in December 2022, which, given the show’s proclivity for leaving fans hanging for long stretches of time, wasn’t that long ago. Now, your favorite R-rated animated series is returning for a seventh season, and going off of the opening credits alone, we’re in for another absurd run.

The Beths continue to be an iconic duo, while Rick and Morty can be seen snowboarding on their tongues, which protrude from their enlargened heads (because of course they do) and lastly, we have a shot of Jerry looking absolutely ripped while doing a split. At this rate, Jerry is going to become the main character and completely sideline the titular heroes, and honestly, we’re all here for it.

Check out the new credits sequence for yourself:

This upcoming season, consisting of 10 episodes, will be the first to not feature Justin Roiland after allegations of workplace abuse and sexual harassment compelled Adult Swim to cut all ties with the actor. We’re still not sure how the network is going to make this transition from Roiland to his so-called “sound-alikes” seamless, but the producers are confident that they’ve managed to stick the landing.

At any rate, here’s a brief rundown of every episode title and what they could imply when season 7 returns on October 15.

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