Netflix’s Description For Doctor Who Is Absolutely Ridiculous


Doctor Who has been going on for nearly 66 years now, but it seems that some people still have absolutely no idea what it’s about. Most of the time that’s forgivable, but perhaps not if you’re in charge of writing descriptions of shows for Netflix.

Right now, the current description for Doctor Who on the streaming service reads as follows:

 “Evil aliens. A wacky but brilliant tour guide. Flying through space in a tiny blue box is the trip of a lifetime.”

It almost sounds like there’s a beat poetry angle to it, or perhaps it just sounds like a surreal phrase that’s been fed through an online translation service a few times. Whatever the case, it really feels like this came up just as whoever wrote it was about to clock off for the day, so they tossed it online and figured, “eh, that’ll do.”

Perhaps most perplexing is the description of the TARDIS as a “tiny blue box” flying through space. First off, it’s not that tiny, it’s a chunky telephone box (and obviously, it’s bigger on the inside). Secondly, while it can and does travel through space, you’d think the fact that it was a time machine should have also been mentioned.

So, what would be better? Well, how about: “Join the eccentric and brilliant Doctor on exciting adventures through time and space, encountering the strangest situations the universe has to offer.” Netflix even has their own better alternative on their website, describing the show far more sensibly as “an updated incarnation of everybody’s favourite time-travelling Doctor sets about fighting nefarious aliens and other foes in this epic sci-fi series.”

However you describe it, we’ve still got quite the wait until we see the Doctor return for new adventures. Fans were dismayed to find out that the next season won’t air until 2020, though the fact that it’s filming right now should indicate that at least it’ll be in early 2020. Plus, there’s just got to be some kind of Doctor Who special around Christmas 2019, right?

Source: Twitter