Riley Keough Indulges In The Girlfriend Experience In Latest Teaser For Starz Escort Drama


Steven Soderbergh’s cult 2009 escort drama The Girlfriend Experience is about to get a second life of its own, with Starz now mere weeks away from unveiling its provocative new series.

Spun out from Soderberg’s racy feature film, TGE has recruited Riley Keough (Magic Mike) in its journey from one medium to another, who headlines the drama as curious law student Christine Reade. Living life on her own terms, Reade dabbles with the promiscuous lifestyle of a high-end escort.

Torn between school life and striking up sexual relationships with strangers, Reade’s innocent indulgence fast becomes an addition thanks to its intoxicating freedom, seeding a fascinating second life rife with moral and ethical implications. All 13 episodes of The Girlfriend Experience were written and directed by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz. Speaking to Variety, the former touched base on the nature of their conflicted lead.

“Christine is intoxicated by her life as a GFE. She is drawn to the rush of walking into a room and meeting somebody for the first time. The rush of taking control of the situation. The rush of being intimate with somebody yet feeling in control, feeling the power of being able to manipulate the other person or to provide them with what they want and on her terms. Everything is really on her terms, and she becomes addicted to that power.”

Seven years ago, Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience didn’t exactly set the world alight, but it did seed an idea in the minds of Kerrigan and Seimetz. Besides, 13 episodes offers up the chance to tell a much more nuanced story around Keough’s protagonist – a luxury that wasn’t afforded to Sasha Grey’s call girl in 2009.

Starz’s escort drama premieres on April 10.