Riverdale Star Trevor Stines Wants To Play Batman Sidekick Nightwing


Riverdale hasn’t been a runaway success for The CW, but it so far seems to be doing fairly well. If nothing else, it’s introduced viewers to a lot of young up and coming actors, and among them is Trevor Stines. He plays Jason Blossom in the show, but it turns out that he now has his eye on an entirely different sort of comic book role.

Talking during a recent set visit, Stines revealed that he’d love to play the part of Dick Grayson, a character that comic book fans will obviously know better as Nightwing. The original Robin before setting out on his own path, the hero even held the mantle of Batman for a time, though he’s yet to appear in the live-action realm.

Here’s what the Riverdale star had to say in regards to what appeals to him about potentially taking on the role of Nightwing somewhere down the line.

“I’ve been a huge comic book fan my entire life. Nightwing always has stuck out to me as a character. I love his design, and the character of Dick Grayson has always been an interesting one. Dick Grayson in particular I think has always stuck out to me because he’s the Robin who grew up. He’s the one who worked under Batman, learned everything that Batman had to teach him, but then went off on his own and became a full-fledged superhero outside of Batman’s shadow. I think he’s a great character, and there’s such a great complexity in that relationship with Batman, and in that kind of growth as a person, to take something that someone gave you and to make it your own as a human being as an adult, and to use it to help people.”

Stines has a relatively small part in Riverdale, appearing only in flashbacks and fantasy sequences, so Warner Bros. awarding him this role could be a stretch. However, should that Teen Titans series ever happen, it’s possible he could be considered, especially given producer Greg Berlanti’s involvement in all of these comic book adaptations.

Tell us, do you think Stines would be able to make the leap from Riverdale to the DC Extended Universe as Dick Grayson? Let us know your comments section down below.