Robert Downey Jr. And True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto Bringing Perry Mason To HBO


Though the fate of True Detective season 3 is still up in the air, thanks in large part due to the disappointing second outing, creator Nic Pizzolatto doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Along with having written the screenplay for the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake, he’s also teaming up with Robert Downey Jr. to bring Perry Mason, a courtroom drama, to HBO.

Variety has the scoop, and they’re telling us that Pizzolatto is writing the treatment with RDJ set to star. The actor has been linked to the project for a while now, dating back to 2011 when it was being prepped as a film, but it’s now moved to television and he looks set to take the lead role, making this is first TV gig since Ally McBeal.

A reboot of sorts of the 1950s show of the same name, Perry Mason will follow the titular defense attorney as he “handles difficult criminal cases for his accused clients.” We’re not sure how closely this version will follow the original, but from what we understand the basic premise will remain in tact.

Given that Robert Downey Jr.’s commitment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting to die down, now that so many new characters are popping up, the actor has been finding time to pursue other projects that he’s been wanting to make, like this one.

So far, we’re excited to see what RDJ can bring to the table here. We don’t know too much about what he plans to do with Perry Mason just yet, but pairing Downey Jr. together with Nic Pizzolatto promises to make for some quality television that might even rival True Detective season 1.

Source: Variety