Robin Wright Is Smoking Hot In First Teaser For House Of Cards Season 2


When House of Cards became a huge hit back in February, receiving nine Emmy nods (and winning three) at this year’s ceremony, I was one of the few entertainment writers to remain vocally unhappy with the show. I found the first season of Netflix’s political drama to be more plodding than menacing, and I wasn’t a fan of Kevin Spacey’s despicably corrupt US Representative Frank Underwood. Hopefully, the upcoming second season will yield improvements in writing and some much-needed depth for Spacey’s scheming protagonist.

Today, Netflix unveiled the first teaser for the second season of House of Cards, though fans of the show might be frustrated that all it entails is series star Robin Wright smoking a cigarette for thirty seconds. Still, the teaser does its duty in reminding us that season two is right around the corner.

Check it out below:

Very little information has been confirmed about what lies ahead for Frank and his duplicitous wife Claire (Wright), but the teaser suggests that Netflix will be working hard to maintain the dark, moody atmosphere that was present in season 1.

We do know that House of Cards will gain a few new directors for the upcoming season, which is set to run for 13 episodes. Oscar winner Jodie Foster will be stepping in to direct an episode, and Wright will be making her directorial debut in one episode. Meanwhile, Glengarry Glen Ross director James Foley has been tapped to helm seven of the season’s episodes. Unfortunately, Se7en director David Fincher, who won an Emmy for the pilot, will not be directing any future installments.

Some sources have speculated that House of Cards may end after its sophomore run, as Spacey and Wright are both huge film stars with commitments to other projects. Netflix has voiced a strong interest in keeping the show around, but we’ll probably learn more about the future of the show soon after the second season premiere.

Are you a fan of Netflix’s political drama, or did it leave a bitter taste in your mouth, as it did in mine? Will you still be watching when the show returns? Sound off in the comments section.

House of Cards will debut its second season through Netflix on February 14th, 2014.