Rose Tyler Returning To Doctor Who In New Series Of Audio Adventures


Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler still has one of the most memorable exits from Doctor Who in the show’s history, with that final scene with her and the Tenth Doctor on a beach being an emotional high point for the series. Since that moment, Piper has popped up for small cameos as well as appearing in Big Finish audio dramas alongside David Tennant. Now, Big Finish have announced that Rose is returning for her own series – Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon – and she’s bringing her family with her.

The Dimension Cannon was first mentioned in the 2008 episode “Journey’s End,” in which Rose explained how her parallel universe Torchwood team had created a device allowing her to leap between worlds. But, just as it was finished, the multiverse began collapsing. Very inconvenient, right? Now, Big Finish is aiming to show us what happened during Rose’s journeys through various dimensions as she searched for the Doctor, who was the only person capable of saving reality from total destruction.

Apparently, the series will consist of four new audio plays: The Endless Night by Jonathan Morris, The Flood by Lisa McMullin, Ghost Machines by AK Benedict and The Last Party on Earth by Matt Fitton. Alongside Billie Piper, we’ll also see the return of her family, with Camille Coduri as Rose’s mom Jackie, Shaun Dingwall as her dad Pete, Mark Benton as alien investigator Clive Finch and Elli Garnett as Caroline Finch. Overall, The Dimension Cannon is said to be aiming to “capture and showcase the beautifully rich human characters of the show.”

Though Billie Piper has won awards for her television work since Doctor Who, she clearly still has a great deal of affection for the role. Asked for her thoughts on returning, she said the following:

“I love how normal Rose is, and yet really extraordinary. She lived a normal average life but she is incredibly curious and has an enormous capacity for love and empathy and is really spirited. She is extraordinary. … That’s the great thing about Doctor Who, it challenges new thinking. It’s progressive and it can be political in amongst these human emotions and relationships. I think that’s its greatest appeal.”

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon will be released in September 2019.

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