Ruby Rose Confirms Batwoman Pilot Episode Is Set Before Elseworlds


Considering that when we first met Ruby Rose’s experienced Batwoman during last fall’s “Elseworlds” crossover and yesterday’s trailer reveal showed her beginning her crimefighting career, Arrowverse fans are understandably having questions regarding the timeline of events.

Fortunately, the lead actress herself wasted little time in clearing up this matter. When asked by TV Line when the show takes place, she made sure to clarify whether they were talking about the pilot episode or the series itself. Whereas some outlets are reporting that the series takes place before the events of “Elseworlds,” it’s important to note that she stressed she’s talking about the pilot episode.

Now that we’re all on the same page, here’s what Ruby had to say:

“It’s set way before [Elseworlds]. I mean, not ‘way before,’ that makes me sound like I’m playing a 9 year old. It’s set before that. You have to find out how she came to be before we find out about all of those things.”

That makes sense when you think about it. In reality, a lot of people who didn’t even see “Elseworlds” will be tuning in for Batwoman’s solo debut this autumn. Not only that, but the rest of us have yet to see her origin explored in detail. I’m actually glad we’ll see her character generously fleshed out as she and Luke Fox begin what’s sure to be a legendary partnership.

Still, Kate Kane will have to be brought into the present at some point so that she may participate in future crossovers such as “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” My best guess is that she’ll narrate the pilot episode and it’ll serve as a large flashback of sorts, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Batwoman is set to air on Sunday nights this fall on The CW.