Ryan Murphy Shares Sneak Peek Of Jessica Lange In American Horror Story: Apocalypse


You didn’t think Jessica Lange would sit back and watch FX’s American Horror Story descend into an apocalypse, now, did you?

Though the series veteran hasn’t featured on AHS since the premiere of “Freak Show,” series creator Ryan Murphy (h/t Bloody Disgusting) has today posted a sneak peek of Jessica Lange decked out in costume as Constance Langdon, her enigmatic figure from “Murder House.”

This being American Horror Story, though, we imagine Ryan Murphy and his writing team have one or two tricks hidden up their collective sleeve, what with reports claiming that Lange is actually playing two characters for the aptly titled “Apocalypse” – not unlike Taissa Farmiga before her.

The big reveal comes as part of Murphy’s Instagram celebration for reaching 300,000 followers, with the official caption reading:

To celebrate 300 k followers, here’s a first look at the return of Queen Constance…the one and only Lady Lange…being directed by that dynamo of wit and talent Sarah Paulson. Love them both!

We’ve waited an awful long time for our first look at Jessica Lange’s “Apocalypse” character, which has fast become run-of-the-mill for FX’s dark and demonic anthology series. Truth be told, the marketing campaign didn’t truly begin until the start of September, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Ryan Murphy is dropping clues sporadically as season 8 begins to unfurl.

With two episodes – namely “The End” and “The Morning After” – already in the can, viewers are now eagerly anticipating American Horror Story‘s next installment, “Forbidden Fruit,” ahead of its premiere on September 26th. Sarah Paulson, on the other hand, has directed the sixth episode of “Apocalypse,” and it’s one in which Constance Langdon will no doubt appear.