Sacha Baron Cohen’s Mephisto rumored to have landed his own MCU special for Disney Plus

Images via Steve Granitz/WireImage/ Marvel Comics

Rumors have been percolating about the arrival of Mephisto into the MCU for some time now. We thought we would get him in WandaVision and then in Loki, and many were convinced that Madisynn from She-Hulk had a run-in with him in her journey through the dimensions. More recently, newer, and more potent rumors are hinting that Mephisto may get his own special over on Disney Plus.

Mephisto is a character that has been front and center in many of the Marvel comic books, and his arrival on screen has been long awaited by fans. Though there has yet to be any clear confirmation (Marvel loves to keep us in suspense) it would seem that when the character does make his appearance he will be played by the versatile actor, writer, director, and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

It was reported that this demonic presence would be the big baddie of the Ironheart series opposite Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams, who was introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Whether or not this is the case is still unclear, but alongside these rumors, another has emerged which suggests that Mephisto will be getting his own special.

Speaking in the podcast The Hot Mic, Jeff Sneider, an industry insider, spoke of the rumors that had reached him:

“Last week, right after the show, someone reached out and said they had some information on some specials… they told me that there is a Mephisto special right now shooting on the set of Agatha, with Sacha Baron Cohen.”

It has been said that the character will appear in Agatha: Coven of Chaos as well, and if these rumors are true, he will also get his own special alongside this much like Marvel’s Werewolf by Night. So after waiting for so long, being drip-fed rumors and speculation of the character’s eventual appearance we may be facing a tidal wave of Mephisto on screen. Yet, again, with no word from Marvel to lend authenticity to these rumors there is no way to know for certain. We can only hope that his eventual arrival will live up to the high expectations fans have for the character.

We are still waiting to hear when exactly these shows will be released, with Coven of Chaos scheduled for later this year, or perhaps even early next year, and Ironheart‘s release date is still up in the air currently. Though we’re more than sure he’s on his way we have to hold out just a little longer for his hopefully grand entrance.