Sadie Sink says Max might want to make an exit from ‘Stranger Things 5’

Image via Netflix / Stranger Things

Sadie Sink reveals what she thinks her character Max should do when and if she wakes up in Stranger Things season five, and it’s hard not to blame her.

In an interview with Variety, Sink spoke openly about her character, who she believes is smart enough to leave, but her loyalty to her friends might make her stay and fight to protect Hawkins.

“I feel like everything Max went through, you know, if she ever wakes up, then I think she would just flee. I think she’s gonna get out of Hawkins, she’s too smart to stay there. But she’s also a very loyal friend so who knows? It’ll be conflicting.”

Given what happened in Stranger Things season four, it’s hard to blame Sink for thinking that Max would want to leave as soon as she’s conscious. Max was terrorized by Vecna, who targeted grief-stricken people and tortured them until they died. Thankfully, she had the trusty song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush and her friends to help her, but she still ended up dead for a time. She was revived but now remains injured and in a coma by the end of the season.

Max died long enough for a gateway to the Upside Down to open and now all its monsters are coming to the world to unleash havoc. In the season four finale, Hawkins is recovering from the destruction caused by this, and to save the world, it’ll take the combined teamwork of these friends to stop Vecna once and for all.

Sink is also onboard for the Max and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) romance that went through the wringer in season four, she says in the interview, adding that she finds them really cute and the note exchange was sweet, and she wants to see something happen in their relationship. The heartbreaking scene where Max levitated then collapsed to the floor and was held by a tearful Lucas was very emotional but also fun with her longtime friend McLaughlin.

Stranger Things has been called out for not going through with some major deaths, but executive producer Shawn Levy has promised a very emotional final season. The show has come a long way and has changed the lives of the actors, so saying goodbye to the series will be impactful on many levels.

Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix.