Sarah Paulson Won’t Star In American Horror Story: 1984

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Having previously admitted she doesn’t know plot details for American Horror Story: 1984, it now seems that Sarah Paulson will not have a major role in the ninth season. According to Variety, the actress won’t be one of the stars of American Horror Story‘s latest run. However, that’s not to say she won’t make a cameo. After all, given that we don’t have official confirmation from Paulson, FX or Ryan Murphy, it’s probably best to assume that this doesn’t mean she’s out altogether.

Paulson still has a strong relationship with Murphy and will be part of Ratched, his new Netflix show focusing on the antagonist of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Not having Paulson play a major part in American Horror Story is disappointing though, as she always brings something special to her characters. Her absence will be more keenly felt after news that Evan Peters will sit out this season, too. Emma Roberts will be coming back, however, for a run that we still know little about.

The few glimpses we’ve had of the season though are pointing towards a slasher theme, or at least a plot influenced by the horror movies of the 1980s. Beyond that, and the connotation of “1984” as a byword for dystopia, Murphy and FX have held back on spoilers. Given that the show’s premiere on September 18th is fast approaching, we’d hope to receive some more details soon.

One positive we can take from Paulson’s reduced role in American Horror Story: 1984 is that it may signal a fresh direction for the series. The eight seasons have so far been a mixed bag, culminating in American Horror Story: Apocalypse‘s effort to tie together the mythology of the show. As such, a more radical departure from previous runs, possibly with a newer cast and style, could very well give American Horror Story a fresh lease on life this fall.