Saving Gotham: 10 Reasons Why It’s Actually Brilliant

It’s Got The Look

For all its faults, it’s hard to call this show ugly. Every episode features breathtaking cinematography and gorgeous backdrops. Unlike The CW’s Arrowverse, which does look like it’s running out of funding at times, Gotham never fails to be visually appealing.

The costumes and getups, in specific, deserve specific praise for being practical as well as outstanding. Even though Galavan’s turn as Azrael was a horrible writing decision, his outfit was sensational and comic book-accurate – that you cannot deny. Considering the style and look of all the characters on the show, you’ll struggle to find a snazzier program on TV.

The creators have also been smart in working with what they have. While other comic book series tend to rely heavily on special effects, Gotham stays routed in crime drama, rather than delving too much into the fantastical. In doing so, the story’s been driven more by characters and location, instead of crazy effects and green screens.