These Are The Scariest TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Month

Hill House

Spooky season is officially under way.

Yes, as civilians all over the country prepare for Halloween with overflowing candy bins, creepy crawly costume consumption, and deeply disturbing decorations, they know that fright night isn’t complete without some great entertainment.

The streaming world offers fans an abundant selection of horror films to sort through – I recommend Scream, The Conjuring, and Robert Eggers’ The Witch, all of which (ha, get it?) are available on Netflix – but the fun doesn’t stop there. Digital platforms also have plenty of binge-worthy and cringe-worthy horror shows to check out as well.

And in celebration of October’s arrival, unveiled a list of the best streamable shows that will keep you up all night! You can check out a rundown of their selections down below:

  • Ash vs. Evil Dead (available on Netflix): Bruce Campbell reprises his role from Sam Raimi’s iconic demonic film in what’s been described as “a 15-hour movie that never had to pull its punches to meet theatrical censorship standards.” Gruesome, indeed.
  • Scream Queens (available on Hulu): American Horror Story writer Ryan Murphy adds to his fright-filled accomplishments with this television series. Consisting of two seasons, this highly entertaining murder mystery follows contentious and snotty sorority sisters as they try attempt to figure out who’s coming after them.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (available on Netflix): Adding heavy dosages of spells, sex, and Satan to the “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” story, this new series holds nothing back. Following the titular character’s studies at both a regular high school and a satanic institute of witches and warlocks, you can check out all 20 episodes now.
  • Unsolved Mysteries (available on Amazon Prime): The long-running investigative series may have ended in 2010, but the hundreds of episodes that made up its catalogue are available online. Reenacting real mysteries in both the human and supernatural worlds, there are all sorts of creepy encounters to experience here.
  • Castle Rock (available on Hulu): This Stephen King town has played a part in dozens of his stories, many of which are featured in this eerie and ambitious TV series.
  • The Haunting of Hill House (available on Netflix): As points out, Mike Flanagan’s terrifying series reminds us “that a compelling audience is more important than being overwhelmed with violence.” Based on the same story that inspired the 1963 horror classic, The Haunting, the show has just started filming its second season.
  • Roseanne (available on Amazon Prime): While the site’s inclusion of this show on the list is based on Roseanne Barr’s several Halloween celebrations, I think her racist beliefs are the true sources of horror here.

As we enter spooky season, though, tell us, what shows and films are you most excited to revisit? Were there any that we missed here? Leave your recommendations down below!