Scrapped ‘Hawkeye’ post-credits scene revealed by effects artist

Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been conditioned to stick around until the lights come up when they go to the theater, with the franchise always saving a couple of post-credits goodies to send audiences home happy.

While the practice has continued through to the Disney Plus expansion, there’s been no real rhyme or reason to it yet. Some episodes of certain shows have featured stingers, others have peppered multiple additional scenes throughout their respective runs, and Hawkeye didn’t really tease all that much at all.

Instead, we were greeted to the Rogers: The Musical number in all of its majestic glory, but some fans weren’t all that pleased about the lack of tantalizing teases for what’s to come in the future. Visual effects artist Elaina Scott, who works for famed production house Digital Domain, may have revealed what was cut from the credits on Twitter, though, as you can see below.

The CGI owl was a bizarre addition to the climactic showdown between Clint Barton, Kate Bishop and their various enemies, but it was ultimately paid off when the Tracksuit Mafia bros were shrunk down by Pym Tech and carried off to a nest. Nobody knows what becomes of them, but at least it was a fun visual gag.