Ryan Murphy Says A Scream Queens Revival Is Possible

Scream Queens

Comedy horror Scream Queens could potentially return, according to series co-creator Ryan Murphy.

In an interview with Deadline about his work, principally the seemingly unstoppable American Horror Story, Murphy was asked about the potential for a Scream Queens revival, to which he explained that the power for bringing it back lies solely with Fox, the studio who made it, as he doesn’t own the rights to the show himself. He stated that the series’ core cast of Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michelle, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin would all agree to a revival, and that if fans want it to come back they should be as vocal as possible in letting Fox know.

A creation of Murphy’s along with his American Horror Story and Glee cohort Brad Falchuk, Scream Queens was a brutal yet light-hearted parody of slasher flicks; imagine what the Scream movies might have been like if they had been a little less serious and you’re most of the way there.

Scream Queens

Its first season took place on a college campus, where a sorority becomes targeted by a serial killer dressed in the school’s mascot outfit of a red devil (the mask for which, incidentally, was created by one of the original scream queens Heather Langenkamp, now a special effects artist), and whose actions may or may not have been motivated by a tragedy twenty years prior. The second season, meanwhile, relocated to a dilapidated hospital situated beside a festering swamp, but brought with it most of the surviving characters, who are then menaced by another killer, this time in a green demon costume.

The series was initially cancelled due to disappointing ratings, largely a result of it existing in a tonal limbo that was too camp for many hardcore horror fans but too violent for the genre’s casual viewers. Regardless of its niche appeal, Scream Queens was certainly a hit among those who took to it, and regardless if they enjoyed the series during its initial airing or discovered it later on Hulu, if they want to see it resurrected like a seemingly immortal supernatural killer, they should take Murphy’s advice and be sure to let the Powers That Be know.