Season 9 Of The Walking Dead Will Give More Airtime To Richonne


We’re still a full four months out from the premiere of The Walking Dead season 9 and already, much digital ink has been spilled regarding Rick’s impending departure.

Andrew Lincoln’s world-weary leader is scheduled to appear in just six episodes of the show’s ninth season, before he hands over the torch to Norman Reedus, whose Daryl Dixon is expected to take point as The Walking Dead‘s new leading man for 2019 and beyond.

But based on early reports, it looks certain that AMC and incoming showrunner Angela Kang are prepared to give Rick Grimes the send-off he deserves, beginning with a cameo (flashback?) involving Shane Walsh – that’s right, Jon Bernthal’s volatile supporting character is headed back to the land of the walkers – and more airtime for Richonne. The zombie-killing duo has been together since season 6, though according to Skybound’s Johnny O’Dell (h/t, Rick Grimes and Michonne’s relationship will continue to thrive.

We didn’t ignore you – we just can’t get to every question every week. But yes, we can confirm you will see more Richonne scenes in the first half of the season.

Meanwhile, Angela Kang has also been teasing a series of character developments and “great material” for Michonne in season 9, so perhaps she’s subtly referring to Richonne?

Via CB:

We’re going to see some really great stories with the women on our show, particularly. And I think for people who are really invested in say Michonne, Maggie, Carol, there’s such great material for them as well as, of course, Rick and Daryl, and those other characters that we love, but for people who are looking for that specifically they will really see some incredible work from our women.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead is currently lensing across parts of Atlanta and will likely continue to do so throughout the summer. The somewhat contentious eighth season will also be available on Blu-ray very soon indeed, after AMC earmarked a late-August release date earlier this week.

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