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‘Secret Invasion’ set photos reveal first look at Emilia Clarke

New set photos from Marvel's Secret Invasion miniseries give us a first look at Emilia Clarke's long anticipated character.

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

People have been fan-casting Emilia Clarke in different superhero films and TV shows since forever, but Marvel Studios is the first to answer our prayers and bring the Mother of Dragons to the MCU.

Clarke will make her debut in this interconnected cinematic world through Secret Invasion, an upcoming Disney+ miniseries that involves the return of the Skrulls in an all-out invasion of Earth, just like the comic book storyline. Only this time, instead of a frontal assault with an armada, the way the Kree went about it in Captain Marvel, the Skrulls have used their doppelgänger trait to infiltrate different levels of society.

Reprising their roles from previous MCU films are Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Cobbie Smulders’ Maria Hill. Ben Mendelson will also make a comeback as Talos, a leader of the Skrull and a friend of Fury, who for the past few years has been operating in his stead on Earth.

As for Emilia Clarke, the British actor’s role is as of yet unspecified, though that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from speculation. Now, new set photos from Secret Invasion give us a first look at her appearance in the series, which you can see below.

These photos admittedly don’t give us much to go on, but at least we know that she’s portraying a human character in the show. Or is she? That’s the thing with these Skrulls; you can never really know who is who, and Marvel has no doubt utilized this plot tool for a number of twists in the upcoming Secret Invasion.

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