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‘Secret Invasion’ star dodges questions about their role in the series

Dermot Mulroney has tried to dodge questions about his involvement in Marvel Cinematic Universe series 'Secret Invasion'.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe series Secret Invasion has largely remained draped in secrecy, but a single background Easter Egg ended up confirming two major new additions to the ensemble cast.

Having previously gone unannounced, the front page image of an in-canon newspaper hinted that Don Cheadle’s Rhodey would be dropping by the show, which was ultimately confirmed by Samuel L. Jackson. Arguably more interesting was the presence of Dermot Mulroney, who looked to have signed on as the MCU’s newest president.

William Sadler made several recurring appearances in the early days of the franchise as Matthew Ellis, but it seems as though his term (or terms) are over. However, when asked directly about his Secret Invasion involvement in an interview with ComicBookMovie, Mulroney artfully dodged the question like the industry veteran he is.

“I don’t know…I did work with Don Cheadle. And I think there’s some footage from that episode of Fame in 1986 dangling out there on YouTube, so please don’t watch that. Um, I’m sorry, was there another question?”

That’s about as solid a confirmation as you can get when Marvel maintain such high levels of security around every in-development film and TV project, but that doesn’t mean we can expect Mulroney to have a major role.

After all, the MCU’s previous commander-in-chief was more a string of extended cameos as opposed to a full-blown supporting player, although it would be a hell of a plot twist were it revealed that the leader of the free world had been replaced by a shapeshifting alien with designs on world domination.

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