Set Photos From The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Possibly Reveal Earth-2 Setting


Having already reported that Supergirl and The Flash will be engaging in a musical crossover on March 20 and 21st, we’re pleased to say that filming is now underway. As usual, though, photos taken from the set raise more questions than answers.

Before proceeding further, let’s go over a few things we know: In the DC multiverse that The CW has established, The Flash takes place on Earth-1 and Supergirl exists on Earth-38. Now, some photos captured by the HollywoodNorth.Buzz Twitter feed cause us to believe that a trip to Earth-2 may be in the cards when you take into account the 1940s looking cars.

Since Earth-2 is a bit more retro in its aesthetics, that’s what has caused us and others to take that leap. But when we factor in that John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) was on set, we also can’t rule out the possibility of time travel, knowing that he’s currently a member of the Legion of Doom over on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and has already taken a trip back to the Prohibition era.

Furthermore, actress Candice Patton confounded fans on Twitter last week by teasing that she may be playing a different version of Iris West.

No matter the outcome, one thing’s for certain: None of us will want to miss whatever Supergirl and The Flash have in store for with their musical crossover next month.