Set video shows an MCU favorite is back for ‘Secret Invasion’

secret invasion

In December we reported Ben Mendelsohn was coming back for Secret Invasion after being a different kind of Skrull in Captain Marvel and now a new video has confirmed his presence where the show is presently being filmed in England.

In a clip posted on Twitter earlier today by @BlueHarvesttoys, the 52-year-old can be seen walking outside and says something unintelligible before the footage cuts off. Another post then shows Game of Thrones alumnae Emilia Clarke shooting a scene outside with an unidentifiable person. Nothing could be gleaned about what will happen in the six-episode series from the clips, but fans were excited to get looks at the future of the cinematic universe regardless.

“Oh sick, Mendo in the building (or street),” user @heavyspoilers wrote.

Additional shooting for the project has been reported by the Hollywood Reporter to be planned for multiple locations throughout Europe. Other talent on the show includes the returning Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill and newcomers will include Christopher McDonald, Killian Scott, Carmen Ejogo and Kingsley Ben-Adir as the main villain of the show.

Secret Invasion was expected to come out this year, though new updates from Marvel Studios’ Japanese website have cast doubt on this and when a second season of What If…? will end up arriving on Disney Plus for fans to devour.