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‘She-Hulk’ CGI is already a major point of debate among fans

The CGI in 'She-Hulk' has been a jumping off point for a lot of avenues of discussion among fans.

Now that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has come to Disney Plus, one major talking point in the show is its use of computer-generated imagery.

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On social media, that includes not only a discussion about the aesthetics — either good or bad, depending on your opinion — in the show but a broader conversation about visual effects artists allegedly being exploited in the industry.

Earlier this month, an expose in The Guardian revealed some visual effects artists who work for Marvel accused the studio of poor treatment, including bullying, leading some to call for unionization. It’s important to acknowledge this before we dive into a discussion about whether She-Hulk‘s CGI doesn’t look good as it adds important context that the perceived lack of quality may not be the fault of the artist who created it but instead is a result of crunch culture, assuming there is some truth to the accusations.

One Twitter user called the CGI in She-Hulk “VERY distracting” but acknowledged it was “probably because Marvel is working the artists to the marrow in their bones.”

However, some commentators contended the CGI in the show wasn’t bad at all, contrary to what others think.

Another fan even called the CGI “really well done.”

“I don’t see why everyone’s moaning about the CGI on [Tatiana Maslany’s Jennifer Walters]. I think it looks fine,” another Twitter user remarked.

One pop culture fan leveled praise for the show overall, but they admitted: “the CGI often looks kinda dodgey.”

Another Twitter user called the CGI in She-Hulk outright “horrible.”

Another commentator took the opportunity about the She-Hulk CGI discussion to completely satirize the conversation, saying, “the visual effects artists did a fantastic job making her look like a human in the show.”

One fan tried to reassure would-be viewers that the CGI “was improved so much from the trailers.”

Another Twitter user agreed that the CGI was “fixed” in She-Hulk compared to the initial trailer reveal, adding a call to “unionize VFX!”

Another commentator said the CGI looked “very good” overall, although it does look “off” in some shots. However, they praised She-Hulk for seeming like “a real show instead of a movie split into 6 episodes.”

Perhaps it is because the original comic book character design of She-Hulk resembles a green-skinned woman who happens to have a body-building hobby — rather than sporting a disproportionately over-bulked look like Bruce Banner’s Hulk, Giga Chad style — that makes Jessica Walters look uncanny in live-action to some, through no fault of the visual effects artists. Regardless, if you’re willing to give the premise of a comedy show centered around a super-powered attorney a shot, check out the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney Plus today.

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