‘She-Hulk’ set to break the fourth wall and talk directly to Kevin Feige

As we wait for Ryan Reynolds to suit up and make his grand comeback as Deadpool in his first solo outing under new ownership, it looks as though Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk will be forced to carry the workload when it comes to self-referential humor and breaking the fourth wall.

It’s something Jennifer Walters has become famous for in the comic books, and with her Disney Plus series being described as a half-hour legal comedy, we’re fully expecting to see her wink towards the audience on a regular basis. As it turns out, She-Hulk might go so deep down the self-aware rabbit hole that the title hero will directly address none other than Marvel Cinematic Universe creator Kevin Feige.

This comes from insider KC Walsh on the Straight Outta Gotham podcast, and while that’s far from an official confirmation, we’ve known for a long time that She-Hulk was going to hew close to the big green lawyer’s source material on the printed page.

“What I’ve heard about that show, it’s like hard comedy, straight comedy, like, meant to be extremely funny. She looks at the camera and talks directly to Kevin Feige in the show, that’s part of her shtick. It’s not going to be R-Rated, but yeah [like Deadpool], it’s supposed to be like a super-fast comedy.”

Too many superheroes that know they’re part of a film series would definitely be a bad thing, but we can let it slide when Deadpool will operate in the R-rated feature-length realm, allowing She-Hulk to shoulder the burden on the small screen.