Sherlock Actress Says The Show Might Still Come Back


It’s been eight months since Sherlock season 4 came and went with the promise that it might be the last run of the hit detective show. Fans are refusing to let the series disappear from their screens, though, and are constantly questioning whether there’s a chance that Sherlock could return in the future.

The latest person to touch base on the matter is Sian Brooke, who made a big impression in season 4 as the detective’s psychotic sister, Eurus Holmes. When dropping in for a chat on British morning talk show Lorraine, Brooke was inevitably asked about Sherlock season 5. She couldn’t commit one way or the other, of course, but she did sound hopeful.

“I would say it might come back. And I would love to be part of that! The show is such a gem of a series. It is a real page-tuner. When I used to get the script come through, it would be like a little present!”

While exciting to hear, there’s nothing to say that Brooke has any insider information to back up her claim that Sherlock might return. After all, it’s possible that the actress just had such a great time working on the show that she’s simply hoping that there’s still a chance she could get to reprise the role of Eurus at some point.

Further on in the interview, Brooke discussed how much she enjoyed her time on Sherlock, as well as explaining the high level of secrecy surrounding her involvement with the show. Fans will remember that the actress appeared in various disguises before being unveiled as the detective’s sister in the cliffhanger lead-in to the finale.

“Working with Benedict was so much fun. I’ve watched the show from the very beginning and was a huge fan. When I was offered the chance to appear in it, that blew me away. It was so hard not to tell anyone,” added Brooke. “Before I got the job, I had to audition to play several different characters. At first, I thought they just couldn’t make their minds up about what they wanted me to do. I had no idea I would be playing Sherlock’s sister until I actually got the part.”

Brooke’s comments on the future of Sherlock gel with what we’ve heard from the likes of showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, as well as star Benedict Cumberbatch in the past. In short, everyone wants to make more episodes at some stage, but they can’t guarantee it’s going to happen.