Sherlock Co-Creator Doesn’t Sound Too Keen On Season 5

Though far from a bad show, Sherlock isn’t quite the all-star that it used to be. That was particularly evident in its recently concluded fourth season, which debuted in January and was far from its strongest outing. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from calling for more and while BBC hasn’t made any formal announcements yet in regards to what they plan to do with the series, it certainly isn’t sounding too promising.

A major issue in putting Sherlock together recently has been the increasingly busy schedules of stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who are becoming pretty popular in Hollywood. Besides their Marvel Cinematic Universe commitments, both actors are quite in demand and as they continue to get bigger, it’s going to be more and more difficult to get them to do another season of the BBC’s show. Not to mention the fact that apparently, they’re not too fond of each other.

And so, while we wait for a decision to be made, all we can do is keep our ears open for hints from the cast and crew, who’ve been playing a bit of back and forth in regards to whether or not “The Final Problem” was really the series finale. The latest person to speak up is co-creator Mark Gatiss, who also plays Mycroft on the show. While chatting with The Sun, here’s what he had to say:

“I honestly don’t know if there will be any more. It’s incredibly difficult to get Benedict and Martin’s diaries to align. And obviously we left it in a very happy place…if that’s the end I’d be very happy where we left it”

That certainly doesn’t sound too promising, and though Gatiss isn’t completely ruling out the possibility of a fifth season happening, we can’t say he seems very keen on it. Whether it really is due to the scheduling issues, or because everyone’s noticing the dip in quality is hard to say, but either way, the chances of us seeing the iconic detective back on the BBC again don’t look too good right now.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on the future of Sherlock? Might we see him again for a fifth season, or is Benedict Cumberbatch’s time in the role at an end? Let us know by commenting below!