Sherlock Co-Creator Hints At What The Future Holds For Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sleuth


The mystery and intrigue surrounding the as-yet-unconfirmed fifth season of Sherlock is becoming so complex – so frustratingly complex – that even Benedict Cumberbatch’s legendary sleuth would struggle to crack the case.

And though the show’s co-creator Steven Moffat was in attendance at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con to promote Doctor Who, when it comes to the fabled Sherlock season 5, sadly the song remains the same: Moffat and the team remain open to the idea of another instalment, but refuse to commit to anything so soon. Scheduling has been cited as the primary cause for concern, and due to Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s stacked slates, the fifth season of Sherlock is at least two years awayif not longer.

That’s something that Moffat and executive producer Sue Vertue echoed during a recent SDCC panel (via Deadline), where the latter placed eager fans on a knife edge by revealing that, “there is something we are working on in London.” Steven Moffat, on the other hand, stopped short of divulging anything specific: “We do have an answer but we’re not telling what it is.” Perhaps it has something to do with that World War II episode that Mark Gatiss pitched? It’s impossible to know for sure at this early stage.

Assuming that is indeed the case, Sherlock‘s next outing could come together as a standalone episode much like “The Abominable Bride,” which placed viewers smack bang in the middle of Mr. Holmes’ famous mind palace. Even if that spinoff comes to be though, a fifth season isn’t off the table.

Here’s what Steven Moffat had to share in his latest status report:

I’m assuming at some point we all show up again and do it when our careers have dipped. We will recreate our glory days back when everyone loved us. Everything’s possibly on the table. I really just right now finishing up on Doctor Who, I’m flat out on that.

Moffat is part of the creative team working on this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, which will signal the end of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the famous Time Lord. Not only that, but Steven Moffat also plans to step down as showrunner, at which point Jodie Whittaker will take the reins as the Thirteenth Doctor.

By stark contrast, the future of Sherlock remains clouded in mystery. But would you rather Moffat, Gatiss, and Sue Vertue launch a standalone spinoff to help ease the wait between one season and another? Drop your thoughts, comments, and concerns in the usual place.

Source: Deadline