Insider Says Sherlock Season 5 Is On The Way


We’ve heard endless conflicting statements on the future of Sherlock over the past year and a half, ever since season 4 came to an end in January 2017 and we were told that the show was effectively being put on hiatus so as to allow its incredibly busy cast and crew the chance to do other projects. If there’s a unifying theme throughout the responses of stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and others, however, it’s that season 5 won’t be here anytime soon, if ever.

In contrast, though, someone who you’d think would be very in the know has now said that they have it on good authority that Sherlock is on its way back to our screens. Chris Georgiou owns Speedy’s Cafe, the real life eatery which has become a mecca for fans thanks to it being regularly seen on screen next to Sherlock’s flat on Baker Street. What’s more, he also provides the grub for the cast and crew during filming.

Given that, you’d think the Speedy’s Cafe proprietor would be told when production is about to begin, right? That’s what makes Georgiou’s comment to Time Out so intriguing. “I probably shouldn’t be saying this,” he said, “but I’ve heard they’ll be coming back for a fifth season.”

Unfortunately, Georgiou didn’t admit anything more than that, but what he did say reveals that he’s been informed that Sherlock season 5 will happen at some point, and perhaps sooner than we think. This fits in with what co-creator Steven Moffat has said, too. Out of all the team, he seems the most positive about the chances of another season, as his most recent comment on the situation was that he believes the show will return eventually.

Martin Freeman, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as keen to suit up as John Watson again, as he’s said he feels maybe they should quit while they’re ahead. What’s more, he received a bit of a backlash due to criticisms he made about the Sherlock fandom – criticisms that Benedict Cumberbatch called “pathetic.” Hopefully there’s no bad blood there, though, and the stars can sort it out over a meal at Speedy’s Cafe as they film this supposed fifth season of Sherlock.