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Showtime President Shares The Importance Of The Dexter Revival Following Disappointing Series Finale

Showtime President admitted the initial finale wasn't good enough.

The old saying ‘ask and you shall receive’ appears to be apparent in the Dexter series.

Dexter, a thriller about the double life of Dexter Morgan a Miami Metro PD blood pattern analyst/serial killer, is set to make its return to the small screen for a miniseries in November on Showtime.

This initial 10-episode “special event series” entitled Dexter: New Blood comes eight years after what fans deemed was a dissatisfying end to a beloved show.

In the series finale Dexter Morgan began living his life as a lumberjack in a New York town called Iron Lake under a new alias James “Jim” Lindsey, following years of unforgettable moments.

Among those critics included Showtime President Gary Levine who revealed to Entertainment Weekly this month, the importance of returning. Levine said while disclosing how the 2013 finale “gnawed” at everyone, “[It] gnawed a little at us, that a series as good as Dexter didn’t end in a way that was perhaps worthy of the series.”

In addition to Levine’s response, the show’s star Michael C. Hall shared details of what fans should expect to see on Dexter years later. The 50-year-old said, “We’re turning the cameras back on and finding out where he is, what he’s up to, and what kind of life he’s managed to carve out for himself. Pun intended.”

He added, “We like to see Dexter get in hot water, but we’d like to see him get out of it.”

Dexter: New Blood can be seen on Showtime on November 9th.

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