Eight Years Of Dexter In Four Minutes


If you are like me and have been faithfully watching our favorite serial killer do what he does best for the last eight years, chances are you will be looking forward to the upcoming series finale with mixed emotions. It has been a long eight years, filled with a plethora of plot twists and interesting characters. And of course, no shortage of bad guys on the iconic table.

Dexter has given us some fantastic episodes with gleefully gory endings, but has also left us scratching our heads at times. When a show goes on for as long as Dexter has, it is close to impossible to remember every little detail, let alone every major plot point. So, before the upcoming finale, Showtime is giving us this 4 minute retrospective highlighting our titular character’s major moments throughout the years. Interested in a quick refresher course?

Check out the video below:

It is certainly not a plot point-by-point recap as it instead plays more like a montage of Dexter’s closest friends and most formidable foes over the years. If you have never watched the show, you can get a quick glimpse of what it revolves around. There is a lot more to the series then all of the blood and gore however, and you will only get a hint of all of the comedy, inner demons and eroticism that you have been missing out on. Fans of the series should have their memories refreshed just in time for the season finale, and it certainly helps to remind us what we have been drawn to for the past eight seasons.

The final season of Dexter will come to a close this Sunday, September 22nd. Are you sad to see the show go? Let us know in the comments.