Shudder Boss Teases Next 4 Installments Planned For Yearly “Ghoul Log”

Those who don’t subscribe to the horror content streaming service Shudder might not be familiar with The Ghoul Log, something one Reddit user described as “a cinematic masterpiece.”

Those in the know will recognize remark is a bit of high satire, however, because The Ghoul Log series, if you will, is not a traditional story with a beginning, middle, and end. It is a tradition, however. One that comes around every Halloween on the streaming platform.

To put it simply, The Ghoul Log on Shudder is an hour-long video of a candlelit jack-o-lantern that has been a staple of the streaming platform every year around Halloween since 2019, a piece of content that somewhat resembles Netflix’s Fireplace for Your Home.

When asked on Reddit during an “Ask Me Anything” whether there are any talks on when/if sequels would be coming for The Ghoul Log, Shudder General Manager Craig Engler said the series is one of his “favorite things in the world” and that they “already have plans for like the next 4 iterations.” For now, you can be rest assured the first three installments — The Ghoul Log, Return of the Ghoul Log, and Night of the Ghoul Log (the newest one) — are all readily available on the streaming service, Engler said.

Does the existence of The Ghoul Log make you want to sign up for Shudder? Or is it a tired joke? Let us know in the comments below. And tell us what hypnotizing piece of holiday content you’d like to see hit streaming platforms.