Shudder GM Comments On Possible Channel Zero Revival

Shudder is giving its two cents on whether it would bring back the cult favorite horror anthology show that originally aired on SyFy, Channel Zero.

Though the show generated considerable buzz, with each episode being based on popular creepypastas, we haven’t seen the show hit our TV screens since 2018.

Now, Shudder General Manager Craig Engler has addressed his take on the whos on an “Ask Me Anything” held on Reddit recently, in which he gave a response to a user’s question about bringing back the “amazing” Channel Zero.

In his response, Engler said he is friends with the show’s creator, Nick Antosca, and that they’ve “casually talked about it.” However, he said that since Universal owns the property, “it wouldn’t be an easy one to pull off.”

“I personally and professionally would love to see more Channel Zero some day,” Engler added. Check out the post for yourself below:

Other revelations include his thoughts on the possibility of reviving the Friday the 13th franchise, whether Elvira may get her own permanent show, and the reveal that he already has the next four installments for The Ghoul Log planned.

Shudder has earned much reputational praise for bringing back beloved properties, such as the aforementioned Elvira, Jo Bob Briggs, Creepshow, and Slasher, so it’s no wonder many people are asking the boss behind the wheel of the streaming service his thoughts on the possibility of reviving other franchises, many of which would likely fit in nicely with the streaming platform’s already impressive library.