Simon Pegg Working On Galaxy Quest TV Show With Succession Producer

Galaxy Quest

Stars Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver have both admitted in the space of the last few months that they’re still hoping for Galaxy Quest to return to our screens in some fashion. A big screen sequel to the 1999 cult classic finally made it into active development after well over a decade of trying to make it happen, only for the death of Alan Rickman to seemingly erase any hopes of getting the crew of the NESA Protector back together.

However, Allen revealed in January he hadn’t given up yet, while Weaver was even more forthcoming after saying back in March that the planned TV series remained on the cards. It looks as though things have kicked up a surprising notch or two, though, after Succession producer Georgia Pritchett dropped the huge bombshell that she was collaborating with Simon Pegg on reviving the small screen Galaxy Quest.


Of course, Pegg is a well-known sci-fi enthusiast having tackled the genre as an actor, writer and producer on a multitude of projects including J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek trilogy, road trip comedy Paul, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, along with cameo appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Cloverfield Paradox, so the chances are high that he’s a big Galaxy Quest fan as well.

No further details were provided by Pritchett, but the last we heard the self-aware and meta angle of the original movie was set to be continued, with the returning cast members brought in as part of an in-canon Galaxy Quest reboot that would see the legacy players replaced by a cast of younger stars, which still sounds like the best and smartest way to approach the concept over 20 years down the line.