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Watch: The Simpsons Clip Goes Viral For Predicting 2020’s Murder Hornets

The Simpsons fans are convinced the show not only predicted the coronavirus pandemic, but also the murder hornets outbreak, and in the same episode.

The Simpsons

The more time goes by, the more it seems that The Simpsons is actually a terrifying document of our future and not just a crazy animated series. Already this year, fans have become convinced that the show predicted the coronavirus pandemic in an episode from back in season 4 when the town of Springfield is taken over by a flu from Asia. Now, a new clip “proves” that The Simpsons also predicted the so-called murder hornets that have hit the U.S., and in the same exact episode.

The following tweet has gone viral on social media, featuring a clip from season 4, episode 21 “Marge in Chains.” This scene follows on from the Asian flu, derived from a Japanese factory in Osaka, spreading through the population. An angry mob has formed and stormed Dr. Hibbert’s medical clinic, where he tells them he can only give them placebos. The simple-minded Springfieldians assume he’s talking about a miracle cure hidden in a nearby truck. They then upturn the truck and get attacked by the bees inside.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons writers tend to downplay the way the show has strangely pre-empted many notable world events, but this one is just plain eerie. Like the tweeter says, in this 17-second clip alone you’ve literally got the timeline of 2020 in a nutshell. Amidst a major pandemic-like incident, a new problem comes along in the shape of super-aggressive insects. You can’t make this stuff up. Except they did, about 20 years ago.

In case you’re unfamiliar, giant Asian hornets have made their way to the United States, which has caused great alarm. The insects, notable for their massive stingers, are known to kill around 50 people per year in Japan. They’re also merciless predators of bee colonies, capable of wiping out entire hives in a matter of hours. Basically, if you see a truck full of these bad boys parked somewhere, don’t act like a Springfielder and knock it over.

The Simpsons airs its season 31 finale Sunday, May 17th on FOX.

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