The Simpsons Go LEGO In Brick Like Me Trailer


Over The Simpsons‘ epic run that now encompasses 25 seasons, the show has managed to capture cultural touchstones while also remaining universally funny. Its relevancy has dimmed over the years, however, and to many viewers has now vanished altogether. But, The Simpsons have never really been about political commentary or cultural criticism; it’s first and foremost about what’s funny.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, The Simpsons are using the popularity of The LEGO Movie to finally do a LEGO episode of their own. In it, Homer awakes to discover that Springfield and all its inhabitants are now made of LEGO bricks, an apparent result of the purchase of a Perky Patty’s Princess Shop LEGO set. Touching the set triggers visions of reality, and Homer has to figure out just what’s going on here.

The episode trailer for “Brick Like Me” that was released today is amusing and actually makes me want to start watching The Simpsons again. I’m kind of amazed that it has taken the show this long to produce a LEGO episode though. They have already done The Muppets, referenced Twin Peaks, featured claymation, and done parodies of pretty much every horror movie ever made. I suppose the final frontier is LEGO?

Although there’s an argument to be made that the show has finally run its course and is now grasping at straws to remain culturally relevant, I still think The Simpsons does this kind of somewhat parodic but largely original humor better than almost any series today. It’s a far cry from the mean-spirited humor of Family Guy and the increasingly unattractive shock-value of South Park, both of which are getting tired almost 15 seasons into their runs. There’s a reason why The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989.

You can watch the trailer for The Simpsons‘ “Brick Like Me” episode below. Then, make sure to catch it when it airs on Sunday May 4th at 8:00 ET on Fox.