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‘Sister Wives’: Leon Brown marries Audrey Kriss in secret wedding

A Brown family wedding is a rarity these days.

Leon Brown rests head on Audrey Kriss' shoulder
Photo via Audrey Kriss on Instagram

Leon Brown, star of Sister Wives and the only child of Meri and Kody Brown, has married their partner Audrey Kriss in a secret ceremony, a source has told In Touch Weekly.

According to a marriage certificate provided to In Touch, the couple actually wed almost a year ago, back in October 2022. The nuptials took place at a courthouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The couple have been dating since around 2017 and announced their engagement back in 2019.

Leon publicly came out as transgender in 2022. Both Leon and Audrey use they/them pronouns. The couple moved to Colorado the same year, while their parents resided in Flagstaff, Arizona.

According to a source at The U.S. Sun, neither Kody nor Meri Brown were in attendance. The wedding was a “self-solemnized” ceremony that did not require an officiant or judge to be present at the courthouse.

Leon’s parents announced their separation in January 2023, two months after their child’s wedding. The couples’ split could explain their alleged absence from the ceremony, but neither Leon nor Audrey have publicly commented on the news of their nuptials.

Leon’s mother, Meri, has been openly supportive of her child. On Transgender Day of Visibility, she wrote, “I see you! I love you! I got you!” with a “Protect trans kids” sticker on her Instagram story.

Around the time of the ceremony, Meri Brown was on vacation in Disneyland in California, judging by her Instagram posts.

Hopefully, the couple will have a long and happy marriage and will be supported by the Brown family.

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