Take A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Game Of Thrones Season Four Trailer

Game of Thrones

Just yesterday, we finally got a confirmed start date of April 6th for season four of Game of Thrones. Anticipation couldn’t be higher for the outstanding show’s return, but now, just in case you weren’t excited enough, we have a few sneak peeks at the upcoming trailer that is set to premiere Sunday night at 8:58 pm (EST).

For the most part, there’s not much to look at here, and indeed, you could consider some of these spoilerish, so if you don’t want to know a single thing before the season starts, it might be best for you to turn away now. What’s revealed here includes some random shots of Jon Snow and others going into battle (not much of a spoiler there as we already knew war was coming to The Wall), as well as a brief glimpse of Daenerys.

However, we’re also given a shot of Tyrion in shackles. As to why, I won’t say, but just know that this is one of the main reasons many are looking forward to the upcoming season. As for the final shot, for those who’ve read the book, I hardly need to say what this is. This is one of the most anticipated battles to hit the small screen in ages, and just from this brief look, it appears that we can expect it to meet all expectations.

As mentioned earlier, the full trailer will premiere Sunday night, so be sure to pull yourself away from the Golden Globes for just a minute or two to check it out here in all its awesome glory.

Season four of Game of Thrones, based on the latter half of George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords, premieres April 6th at 9pm on HBO.

Check out the snippets of the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Movie